Hello world!

Hi everyone. Welcome to my page.

So you’re checking me out, I see. I guess you would like to know more about me 🙂

Then let me briefly tell you about myself.

I am currently a lecturer in the Department of Science, Management and Design, with the Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. My areas of interest include, but not limited to Facilities Management, Building Services and Maintenance. I would say that most everything related to the Built Environment may be included in it. I have a Bachelors Degree in Building Surveying (UM), Masters in Facilities Management and Asset Maintenance (Heriot-Watt, UK) and a PhD in Facility Management (UTM).

So… more? Sure, why not.

I have been with the university since 2002. I was a tutor in the Department of Quantity Surveying of the then Faculty of Built Environment (now is merged with Faculty of Geoinformatics and Survey to be Faculty of Built Environment and Survey) in the main UTM campus, UTM Skudai Johor. I was appointed formally as a lecturer in the year 2005. Then, I was seconded to the UTM’s private wing, UTMSPACE in Kuala Lumpur in the year 2010, where I served as a lecturer in Department of Built Environment’s UTMSPACE Diploma Studies. Later, in April 2022 I was accepted to join Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics, UTMKL. I have since then become one of faculty members with the Department of Science, Management and Design until present time.

Hm. What else should I share.

If you would like to know, my current passion lies in the research, teaching and learning activities particularly in the areas of Facilities Management, Building Maintenance and Asset Management. Courses that I have taught since I joined RFTI to date include Introduction to Facility Management for Executive Diploma Programme, (by the way, I am currently serving as the course coordinator for Executive Diploma in Facility Managemen – EDFM Programme, since April 2022 until April 2024), Service Life Planning and Asset Management, and Services and Maintenance of Infrastructure Asset for MSc Sustainable Infrastructure Programme, as well as Research Metholodogy classes and supervision for Masters and PhD students.

Ok I think that is enough for brief introduction about me. Soon, there will be more to know, with the coming posts on my academic journey.

Until then.