Goals of Student Learning

I believe that, students learn the best when they feel comfortable. For me, it is important for students to be comfortable in my classroom and feel like they can approach me with any question, knowing that I will try my best to be helpful and available. I always try to create a very friendly, non-threatening and motivated environment in the classroom so that students feel encouraged to participate.

I also believe that students will retain more of what they learn in a course when they have some ownership over their learning. Therefore, I focus more on active learning. Students should be actively involved in the teaching-learning process so that they are responsible for their learning and be more meaningful to them. For example, I like to begin my class by asking the students to recall what have been taught from the previous class. I always encourage questions and ask a lot of questions during my class to make sure that the students are alert and attentive.

Students learn not only from the textbook, but an integral part of learning is from the behaviours of the teacher in a variety of situations. As an educator, I try to develop excellence personal qualities and practice good deeds, which shall display as a role model to the students. I always emphasise on developing student personality by inculcating good values, behaviours and other qualities of successful persons. I also always ready to help students with the subject matter in and out of the classroom even without an appointment. At the core of my relationship with students is honesty and respect.

Finally, I believe that every success can only be achieved through optimum effort. Striving hard and willingness to sacrifice are the roots of success. Therefore, I always try to teach in the best method to ensure my students are truly understand and success in their learning. I hope to be able to encourage learning habits and educate my students the real value from the knowledge that they take away.