PhD students

No Name Status Title Date
1 Lam Ming Quan Graduated Multi-omics and taxonomic analyses of microbial communities with lignocellulolytic abilities from mangrove (Main supervision) 20 May 2020
2 Chitra Selvaratnam Graduated Characterization and genome sequencing of Roseivirga sp. (Main supervision) 19 Sept 2018
3 Suganthi Thevarajoo Graduated Novel marine bacterium identification and its genomic analyses (Main supervision) 23 May 2018
4 Sharvini A/P Siva Raman Graduated Development of policy based decision making process for energy generation from palm oil mill effluent (Co-supervision) 26 Aug 2020
5 Mustapha Abba Graduated Production, optimization and membrane diffusion studies of nanocellulose obtained from Gluconacetobacter sp. BCZM 1 (Co-supervision) 19 Feb 2019
6 Huszalina binti Hussin Graduated Lemongrass Leaves, A Malaysia Agriculture Waste for Biovanillin Production via Bioprocessing Method (Co-supervision) 12 Dec 2018
7 Noratiqah Kamsani Graduated Lignocellulolytic enzyme by Aspergillus sp. A1 and Bacillus sp. B1 isolated from gut of Bulbitermes sp. in solid state fermentation using sawdust as substrate (Co-supervision) 08 Feb 2017
8 Renuka P Krishnan Graduated Molecular cloning and characterization of a new fibrinolytic enzyme from Acinetobacter baumannii TUO4 (Co-supervision) 16 Jan 2017
9 Chen Sye Jinn Ongoing Characterization of lignocellulolytic and phosphate solubilizing bacteria for their potential in compost production (Main supervision) 1 Sept 2018-present
10 Muhammad Ramziuddin bin Zakaria Ongoing Metagenomic coupled with polyphasic analyses: prospecting valuable biological resources of mangroves in Malaysia (Main supervision) 1 Sept 2019-present
11 Muttaqa Uba Zango Ongoing Mitigation of liquefaction of sandy soils using bio-desaturation and bio-cementation techniques (Co-supervision) 30 Jan  2018-persent
12 Abubakar Sadiq Muhammed Ongoing Bio-mediated soil improvement in the Mitigation of Liquefiable sandy soil (Co-supervision) 26 Sept 2017-present
13 Jodin Makinda Ongoing Microbiologically induced calcite precipitation method for stabilizing mine waste & NBSP (Co-supervision) 1 Sept 2017-present

 Master by Research

No Name Status Title Date
1 Lim Jia Chun Graduated Global transcriptomic response of Anoxybacillus sp. SK3-4 (Main supervision) 9 May 2017
2 Teo Seng Chong Graduated Purification and characterization of xylanase from Rhodothermaceae strain RA (Co-supervision) 16 Oct 2019
3 Nor Syafawani Sarah Md Saad Graduated Dual functional actions of hexadecyltrimethylammonium-metal-kaolinite as adsorbent and antibacterial agent (Co-supervision) 8 Feb 2017
4 Mohamad Hamizan Abdul Karim Passed viva Taxonomy status and genome analysis of lignocellulolytic bacterium strain CL28 (Main supervision) 5 Sept 2018-present
5 Mohamed Redzuan Abbas Ongoing Effects of different chemical fertilizer levels on foliar properties of multiple oil palm planting materials (Co-supervision) 5 Sept 2017-present


 Master by Mix-mode

No Name Status Title Date
1 Tan Sing Ngoh Graduated Characterization of Mannanase from Pontibacillus sp. CL43 (Main supervision) 20 Feb 2020
2 Mah Ming Hui Graduated Characterization of xylanase with paper de-inking ability from a halophilic Microbulbifer sp. CL37 (Main supervision) 20 Mar 2019
3 Nur Hanis Binti Mohd Yasim Graduated Isolation, identification and characterization of lignocellulolytic bacteria from roots of mangrove (Main supervision) 15 Aug 2018
4 Chen Sye Jinn Graduated Isolation and characterization of cellulolytic bacteria from oil palm residues (Main supervision) 14 Feb 2018
5 Lam Ming Quan Graduated Production and characterization of protease from halophilic Virgibacillus sp. CD6 (Main supervision) 1 Mar 2017
6 Abdulrahman Abubakar Graduated Characterization of bacteria isolated from rice weevil (Main supervision) 15 Feb 2016
7 Saif Al-deen Ahmad Yasin Al-sheyab Graduated Effect of antimicrobial agent toward bacteria from skin of cantaloupe fruit (Main supervision) 18 Feb 2015
8 Chitra Selvaratnam Graduated Identification and characterization of bacteria from the skin of jackfruit (Main supervision) 06 Aug 2014
9 Priya Devi Muthusamy Graduated Heavy metal tolerance and organic compounds utilization in Escherichia species originated from wastewater (Main supervision) 12 Feb 2014
10 Padmini Karananidi Graduated Heavy metal tolerance and organic compounds utilization in Bacillus species originated from wastewater (Main supervision) 12 Feb 2014
11 Hakar Mohammed Saleh Graduated Effects of heavy metals and selected carbon compounds on the growth of bacterium CA (Main supervision) 06 Aug 2014
12 Suganthi Thevarajoo Graduated Isolation, identification characterization of bacteria from fruit skin (Guava and Apple) (Main supervision) 10 Sep 2013
13 Nur Asilah Abdul Razak Graduated Isolation, identification characterization of bacteria from fruit skin (Mango and Papaya) (Main supervision) 02 Oct 2013
14 Bakhtiyar Ahmed Graduated Azo dyes decolorization by bacteria originated from textile wastewater (Main supervision) 13 Mar 2013
15 Ladei Yaseen Abdullah Graduated Isolation and characterization of colour-removing bacteria (Main supervision) 13 Mar 2013