CHAPTER  2: Fluid Statics

Students should be able to apply the basic equation of fluid statics in calculating forces on planar and curved surfaces that are submerged in a static fluid; to manometers; and to the determination of buoyancy and stability

CHAPTER 1: Basic Properties of Fluids

This chapter present the basic concepts commonly used in the analysis of fluid flow. This chapter is started with a discussion of the phases of matter, then some of important terminologies in fluid mechanics are defined. In the end of this chapter, numerous ways of classification of fluid flow are discussed

Fluid Mechanics (SETK2233)

The course will introduce the fundamental principles underlying fluid behaviour, hydraulics, hydrodynamics, internal and external flows and its analysis of engineering applications for the design of simple hydraulic components especially pump. The course covers the physics of fluid, classification of flow, fluid statics, fluid dynamics, the application of Bernoulli’s, continuity, and momentum equations, friction flow in pipes includes the use of Moody chart, flow metering, pump, dimensional analysis and similarity.

Faculty of Chemical & Energy Engineering Research Festival 2023, 3rd July 2023

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The faculty of Chemical and Energy Engineering (FKT) is equipped with various facilities to provide conducive teaching, research, and learning environment. Currently, FKT has 33 laboratories, workshops, and qualified staff to assist in teaching, research, consultancy,
publishing, and various forms of services. The laboratories include teaching laboratories for students to learn practical aspects of chemical processes, research laboratories, and services for research and consulting activities of this faculty. In addition, FKT also have
Research Groups (RGs), Research Centers, Centre of Excellence (COE), and high institution centres of excellence (HICoE) carry out various research activities. This program intends to provide companies with information on FKT’s research. Furthermore, this program provides the opportunity for the industries to visit FKT facilities and research equipment supplied as research services at FKT. It is hoped that by participating in this program, FKT would be able to build close engagement with the industry.

UTM Rank #188

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Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) is pleased to announce its significant progress in the QS World University Rankings 2024. UTM has climbed an impressive 15 notches from #203 to #188, reaffirming its position among the world’s top universities.

We are also positioned among the top 13% of the 1,503 ranked universities globally, a remarkable accomplishment that reflects our sustained efforts in delivering quality education and impactful research outcomes pursuant to the enVision UTM 2025 Strategic Plan.

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