1. Development of Aerated Concrete from Agro-Industrial Waste for Thermal Reduction in Buildings. Project Leader: Dr. Mohd Fadhil Md Din. Team: Prof.Ir.Dr.Hj.Warid Hussin, Prof. Dr. Iwao Kenzo, Eeydzah Aminudin, Sophia Anak Jimy, Asset Construction, Tajimi. Application No. UI2013701197. Pintas Ref: PT/4373/UTM/12. Patent Filing: 8/07/2013.
  2. As-Built Building Information Modeling and Augmented Reality in Construction Industry: A Case Study Of The UTM Eco-Home. Project Leader: ROSLI B. MOHAMAD ZIN, Team: ROZANA BINTI ZAKARIA, TAN CHER SIANG, CHAI CHANG SA’AR. Patent Filing: IP/CR/2018/0934