Dr. Erwan Hafizi Kasiman

I’m passionate about numerical modeling and fluid mechanics. My current research is focused on the numerical modeling of coupled flow problems, which encompasses a wide range of fascinating topics, such as biomagnetic fluid flow, pollutant transport, heat transfer, and fluid-structure interactions. Specifically, I’m working on some really exciting flood modeling projects, as well as developing numerical codes using advanced techniques like Finite Difference, Finite Volume, Finite Element, and Discontinuous Galerkin.

I’m proud to say that I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from UTM, and then went on to obtain my PhD in Fluid Mechanics from Imperial College. Since 2018, I’ve been a part of the Department of Water and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, UTM, where I have the privilege of working with some truly brilliant minds.

While I love what I do, I also believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. That’s why, when I’m not tackling complex numerical problems, you can often find me jogging, fishing, or tending to my garden. If you’re interested in learning more about numerical modeling, fluid mechanics, or just want to chat about your favorite hobbies, please feel free to reach out!