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Since last decades, critical infrastructure has been defined in various aspects. Most of the definitions are referring to nation’s public assets. The definition of critical infrastructure terminology has been expanded dependent on its function and size of the critical asset. The previous event of September 11, 2001 has shifted to many concerns of protection and security control. However, the application of critical infrastructure is different depends on its country’s economy, regulation and policy. In Malaysia, the Committee of National Key Targets will control the regulation and the infrastructure. The most critical infrastructure will be classified as National Key Target I and must be provided with a maximum protection and security control. Through this study, we will identify the criteria for critical infrastructure selection. Then, the level of protection and security control compliance to the user’s expectations will be examined. In order to provide the protection and security control, there are few steps of physical safety including the safety guard, physical obstruction, signboards, guardhouse and the equipment, pass system, alarm system, fire fighting system and security clearance.

Publication Date: 2015
Publication Name: International Business Information Management Association, IBIMA