Ts. ChM. Dr. Faizuan Abdullah


Senior Lecturer in Chemistry.
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science

Research Interests:
Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Spectroscopy, & Electrochemistry.

Research Group:
Environmental Chemistry.


Affiliate of Young Scientist Network – Akademi Sains Malaysia (YSN-ASM)
Persatuan Saintis Muslim Intelek Malaysia (President)
Institut Kimia Malaysia, IKM. (Membership: A3980/6740/14)
Persatuan Air Malaysia, MWA. (Membership: OM 2313)
Persatuan Sains Analisis Malaysia, ANALIS. (Membership: A574)
Malaysian Board of Technologist, MBOT. (Professional Technologist, Ts.: GT19070393)
Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC. (Membership: 680830)
American Chemical Society, ACS. (Membership: 31841438)
International Water Association, IWA. (Membership: 1616448)

Ph.D. in Chemistry (UTM)
B.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry (UTM)