Master students

Year No. Name Status Title Type Roles Of Supervisor
2016 1 Julies Bong Shu Ai On going Hybrid PV/Wind turbine/ battery system for net Zero Energy Building using Genetic Algorithm. Coursework and Research Main Supervisor
2015 1 Nur Farah Athirah binti Jamiran On going Mixed Integer Linear Programming for Vehicle Routing Problem with Release and Due Dates Coursework and Research Main Supervisor
2 Nur Athirah binti Mohd Yusof Graduated Simulated Annealing Approaches to solve Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem Coursework and Research Co-supervisor
3 Mohamad Hidayad bin Ahmad Kamal Graduated Estimating Parameters of Cell Population Evolution Model using Nelder Mead Simplex Method and Genetic Algorithm Coursework and Research Co-supervisor