Hi! I’m Farzana

I am an Associate Professor at Azman Hashim International Business School, UTM. I am working on green and sustainability marketing-related issues.

More about me!

I am an active researcher who has received several research grants since 2014, including the FRGS, GUP-1, GUP-2, and CWGS. I’ve also received several awards, including the ‘Excellent Service Awards,’ ‘Faculty Award for Research,’ ‘Highly Commended Award,’ and so on. I have graduated six PhD students to date, and I am currently supervising ten doctoral students as the primary supervisor. At the same time, I’ve published articles in peer-reviewed international journals, and I’m one of the editorial board members of ‘Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies’, ‘Case Studies in Business and Management’, and ‘Journal of Management, Economic, and Industrial Organizations’. I am also a member of several national and international professional organisations.



Corporate Social Responsibility: Let’s Talk about It

Why Corporate Social Responsibility?  Everything has a payback time. It is not all about what we get, it is also about what we give which also applies for the firms. Firms utilize natural resources to produce products and services, contribute to air and water...

Green Behaviour Matters!

Environmental pollution, aggressive expansion of industries, depleting rate of the natural resources are only the tip of the iceberg that affect human life overall which made us worried about the quality of life and well-being of the future generation. It is indeed...

Pandemic and Sustainability

Sustainability – the new business ‘Mantra’ Sustainability in the business sector suggests us to look for better mechanism, better thinking and better action to sustain in the long run. It emphasizes to sustain economically, socially and environmentally which is widely...

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