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Community Engagement at Kebun Bandar Kg. Sg. Bunus, KL

Hello peeps!

In conjunction with the MJIIT-Tsukuba Joint Seminar, we also have done something good to the mother nature. Located in Kebun Bandar Kg. Sg. Bunus, Kuala Lumpur, we have done several activities such as tree-planting, water quality testing, colouring (it has been proven to reduce strees~) and learn how to do composting. This activity was led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aznah Nor Anuar (CCIN, UTM KL) and her team. Big thanks to them! All participants from both institutions had such a great time.

Let’s check out some of the photos of this activities:

Till then, bye! 

“Ask not what your teammates can do for you. Ask what you can do for your teammates”. – Magic Johnson

Working from Home

Today is the day 6 of the Restriction of Movement Order (RMO) and we are now officially working from home. As for today, we have 2 virtual meetings in a row. The 1st meeting is on the Key Focus Area (KFA) 2: Research Excellence, Industry & Community Engagement (10.00 am – 12.30 pm) led by Mr. Chew from TNCPI and the 2nd meeting is on KAI Group Presentation in the afternoon (2.30 pm – 4.30 pm ) between MJIIT members.

This is such a new experience for me and we hope to have better implementation for online teaching and learning too.

As for now, I have used Cisco WEBEX Meeting and Skype. Looking forward to use other online platforms. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

We don’t care, people don’t bother to share,

We don’t share, people don’t bother to care.


The 7th AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conference on Natural Disaster (RCND) 2019 was held on the 25th-26th November 2019 at Zenith Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia. Through our theme “Disaster Management for Resilience and Sustainability”, this international conference is a continuing series of regional conferences on natural disaster. 

This conference has provide a platform to collect and disseminate the most updated technology and research of regional issues and public interests in the field of Natural Disaster in order to contribute to the community and to draw support from the industry and government sectors.

As a part of the RCND secretariat team, I also have been appointed as the Chairperson for Technical Session 3 (A) on the topic: Water Related Disaster and Water Supply and Sanitation. It was such a great experience for me as I have been paired with Dr. Karlina from Indonesia.




Biowaste Collection in MJIIT

On 10th March 2020, the mounting biowaste has finally been collected by Cenviro Company. This is our very first collection and it was such a great relief!

Being appointed as the Biowaste Officer of UTM KL, I am very much thankful to all staffs that has made this a reality. Special thanks to Ms. Nurain Jalil and Mr. Islah for their huge efforts in organising the collection. Also not forget to mention, Dr. Abdul Halim Md Ali and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shaza Eva Mohamad for their tremendous support even from a far.

Thanks very much all!



On 11th March 2020, I have been appointed as an Assistant Chairman in a viva-voce for Ms. Yasmin Munirah Binti Mat Zaini (Mphil). Her research project entitled ‘Biodegradation of Pharmaceutical Residues in Sequencing Batch Reactor’ and her supervisor is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norhayati Abdullah.

The Chaiman for this viva-voce was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Koji Iwamoto and the internal and external examiners were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hirofumi Hara and Prof. Dr. Hamidi Abdul Aziz (USM), respectively.

Congratulations Yasmin for passing your viva!


On 10th March 2020, we have received an academic visit from the delegation of Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), Japan. The visit was led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azham Zulkharnain and Prof. Dr. Koji Fukui from the Department of Bioscience. From UTM, we have Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norhayati Abdullah (UTMi), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hirofumi Hara, Dr. Nor Ruwaida Jamian and myself.

The main objective of the visit is to discuss on the collaboration of Global Problem Based Learning (gPBL) between SIT and MJIIT. This program was initially scheduled to begin on the 2nd March – 11th March 2020, however due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, this program will be postponed to a later date.

Thank you SIT for visiting us! We are so honoured to have you in MJIIT. It was indeed a great sharing and fruitful discussion. We are looking forward to future collaboration.  We wish you have a great day, stay safe and please keep in touch!


JMSES Joint Seminar is amongst one of the compulsory subjects, which is organised and jointly conducted by MJIIT-UT every February each year in MJIIT, UTM Kuala Lumpur.

This year Joint Seminar was held on the 25th – 28th February 2020 with almost 60 participants from both institutions.

This Joint Seminar has become a platform for JMSES students from both universities in which the master students get to discuss, present their research and commented by the professors, supervisor and as well as getting inputs or feedbacks from other participants.

The seminar is also very important because the JMSES students will be graded by the panel professors. While at the same time, in a parallel session, those participants (master and undergraduate) who are not JMSES student also presented their research.

On the second day, all participants in groups will each presented their SDG topics of interest findings to the Professors and Senior Lecturers. Both UT and MJIIT faculties and students actively participated in the discussion.


On 27th February 2020, a Final Year Project 2 (FYP2) briefing was held for MJIIT 4th year students at Dewan Azman Hashim, UTM Kuala Lumpur.

The winners of the 3MT Thesis Seminar Best Presenters Award were also announced at the very event. The 3MT Thesis Seminar was held on 14th November 2019 in the previous semester. 

The winners for this award were from 3 programmes in MJIIT which are Department of Mechanical Precision Engineering (MPE), Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (ESE), and Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (ChEE).

Good news is one of the best presenter for ChEE Dept goes to one of my FYP students; Nuraina Syafika Jeffery.

Heartiest congratulations to Aina and all the winners!! Well done!