Doctor of Philosophy


  • Khalad Basher Kasswa Agali (UTM), A Framework for Improving Patient Engagement in Healthcare through Internet of Things based Monitoring Systems [On-going]
  • Miza Shazwani binti Kamarulzaman (UTM), Factors influencing Blockchain Adoption in Government Organization [On-going]
  • Zul-Azri bin Ibrahim (UTM), The Unsupervised Machine Learning Botnet Communication Identification Algorithm for Raw Data Traffic [On-going]
  • Asmaa Sheikan Al-Doubaee (UTM), Consensus Algorithm for Smart Contract in Blockchain for IoT Healthcare [On-going]
  • Mohammed Fahad A. Alghenaim (UTM),  Employee Awareness and Training Framework for Phishing Threats in Saudi Arabia Public Sector [On-going]



  • Low Weini (UTM), Application of Machine Learning and Data Visualization Technique for Life Insurance Risk Assessment [On-going]
  • Koh Yen Ming (UTM), Architecting the Cloud: Analysis of Security Requirements in the Cloud Architecture [COMPLETED]
  • Mohd Khairil bin Abdullah (UTM), Physical Security Assessment for the Office Building Parking Space [COMPLETED]