Current Projects

1. UTM GUP Tier 2: “Massive Training Self-Organizing Map and Learning Vector Quantization For Lung Nodules Enhancement on CT Scans”; Vot. No.: R.J130000.2654.17J37;Total Amount RM 30,000.(01/11/2019  til 30/04/2022). Project Leader. Status: On-going.

2. UTM networking grant: “EHANCING INTEREST AND ACHIEVEMENT IN LEARNING PHYTAGORAS THEOREM AMONG LOWER SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS IN MESTECC MENTOR-MENTEE PROGRAM“. Vot. No.: S.J130000.7954.4X472. (01/03/2019  til 30/07/2019). Project Leader. Status: completed.

3. UTM Potential Academic staff Grant (PAS): “Medical Images Classification Using Massive Training Artificial Immune Recognition System”; Vot. No.: Q.J130000.2754.03K40;Total Amount RM 20,000.(01/10/2018 til 31/12/2019). Project Leader. Status: completed.