MyLinE news in UTM Newshub

During the MCO period, MyLinE had organised a stay-at-home competition for the non-academic staff. Check out the news below.


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SLA new assessment during CMO due to Covid-19

It is always a practice for my course, MPPZ1103 Second Language Acquisition, or better known as SLA, to have a final exam for its summative assessment. However, this semester, it took a different turn. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Control Movement Order (CMO) had been implemented and university was ordered to be closed since 18th March 2020. I was not sure if it’s a good or unpleasant news for my students when CMO was in place. I guessed it must be something to cheer about especially when they found out that the final exam will be replaced with another assignment. Yayyy! (I bet this was their reaction when I announced it to them).

Well, the new assessment is a bit like the final exam question no 2 where students have to design classroom activities and discuss their underpinning SLA theories. Hence, I took the same approach for this new assessment but I added a mock teaching component to it. The students had to design a lesson plan, discuss the activities’ undepinning SLA theories and finally teach it online. The classmates acted as the students. It was great to see how my students got to be so creative and innovative with their teaching. Some of these interesting approaches include the use of quizziz, padlet, wheel of names, hand gestures and live demonstration of pizza making! I will share the link to their video once I received it from my students. Until then, enjoy these photos!

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1st MyLinE event for 2020 : Karnival Pendidikan dan Kerjaya Kolej Matrikulasi Kejuruteraan Johor

As we are ushering into the new year of 2020, MyLinE has started to participate in an event for promotional purposes. The event, Education and Career Carnival was organised by Kolej Matrikulasi Kejuruteraan Johor at Pontian, Johor. It was held on 9th January 2020from 8am to 5pm. Representatives from government and private universities gathered to give advice on the programs and courses offered by each university. The event was a success as networking has been made with the prospective clients of MyLinE.





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Get creative with Storybird!

This is an excellent website for you to get creative! Get your creative juices flowing to write short story, Longform or poetry. The site provides eye-catching illustrations to enhance your story-telling. Check this website out:

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Course Web 2.0 using social media for T&L

Dr Dayana was explaining how to add media in blog using mobile phone.

I attended this course on 15 May 2017 at UTMLead. This course exposed participants to the different types of social media. Specifically, the course focused on the use of blogs for teaching and learning purposes.

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Social media as a tool for support groups

Social media has been used as a platform for support groups to cater the needs of its users. The types of support groups ranges from the bereaved (suicidal, pre-mature babies), addiction (alcohol, the internet), and health (cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes)



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Hello world!

Welcome to [your site name]. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Today HCI class

To my HCI student. today class will discuss about your project

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Trip to NUS

Official Trip to NUS with TNCP of UTM

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Testing to facebook

Testing from web to facebook

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