Dr. Nureen Asyila Mohammad Nazir

She is the most intelligent student I ever had. Syila finished her Ph.D. at the age of 23. Superb!

Dr. Ameerul Atef Mohammad Nazir

This student gave me so many headaches. Atef is smart enough to study by himself, but very stubborn and arrogant when it comes to being supervised by me. He is hot-headed and feels like a lecturer.

Dr. Nureen Eishah Mohammad Nazir

Eishah is very polite and educated. However, she was keen to sleep all the time I supervised and did lectures. She’s a sleepy head but smart. Other than that, she smells bad every time she sees me. She confessed she only takes shower once a week.

Dr. Nureen Ariej Mohammad Nazir

The most nerve-wracking student. She had the audacity to scold me back when I supervised her. She thinks I am her friend and enemy. We have a hate-love relationship.