Master students

Master by Taught Course


1.Name: Atheer Muhammed Ali Jasim (2018)  Graduated

Title:   Characterisation Of Penetration Grade 60/70 Asphalt Binder Obtained From Different Suppliers

Main Supervisor


2.Name: Dler Hassan Hussein Al Dawoodi (2014)  Graduated

Title:   Behaviour of Ruberrized Asphalt Mixture Subjected to Thermal Loading

Main Supervisor


3.Name: Abdulwarith Ibrahim Bibi Farouk (2013)  Graduated

Title:   Effects of Mixture Design Variables on Rubber Bitumen Interaction: Properties of Dry Mixed Rubberized Asphalt Mixture

Main Supervisor


4.Name: Abbas Mukhtar Adnan (2013)  Graduated

Asphalt Modification

Main Supervisor


5.Name: Ali Abdulhussein Abdulridha (2013)  Graduated

Title:   Effect of Crumb Rubber Size and Content on the Properties of Dry Mixed Ruberrized Asphalt Mixture

Main Supervisor


6.Name: Kamal Hamza Sulaiman (2013)  Graduated

Title:   Effect of Aggregate Gradation on the Performance of Porous Asphalt Mixtures

Main Supervisor


7.Name: Zulfiqar Ali (2013) Graduated

Title:   Asphalt Modification

Main Supervisor


8.Name: Izzul Bin Ramli (2012)            Graduated

Title:   Effect of Fine Aggregate Angularity on Rutting Resistance for AC10


9.Name: Khairil Azman Bin Masri (2012)         Graduated

Title:   The Effect of Fine Aggregates Angularity on Marshall Properties of Asphalt Concrete AC10



Master by Research



1.Name: Norfazira Binti Mohd Azahar (2015) Graduated

Title:   The Use of Cup Lump Rubber into Asphalt Modification

Main Supervisor


2.Name: Nor Asniza Binti Mohamed Abdullah (2014 – 2016)

Title:   Application of Diatomite as Anticlogging Agent for Porous Asphalt

Main Supervisor


3.Name:  Nurul Athma Binti Mohd Shukry (2014)       Graduated

Title:   Effect of Mineral Fillers on Mastic and Mixture for Porous Asphalt

Main Supervisor


4.Name: Tay Lay Ting (2013)    Graduated

Title:   Effect of Coconut Fiber and Coconut Shell on the Properties of Double Layer Porous Asphalt Pavement