Conference Proceedings

Conference      : TVET International Conference 2016, Johor Malaysia                                 Title                  : Teachers for Diverse Students: Malaysians TVET Teachers’ Teaching Preparedness  (18-20 Nov 2016)

Conference      : Career and Technical Education Research and Professional Development Conference (ACTER), Las Vegas, Nevada USA                      Title                  : Assessing the Perceived Preparedness and Importance of Discipline Specific Items of Agriculture Teachers in Pennsylvania  (November 29-30, 2016)

Conference       : 2nd Global Learning in Agriculture conference, Pennsylvania    State University, USA  (January 8, 2016)

Conference         : 2015 Career and Technical Education Research and Professional   Development Conference, New Orleans Louisiana , USA                                               Title                     : Malaysian Career and Technical Education Beginning Teachers Teaching Preparedness (November 17-18, 2015)

Conference         : World TVET Conference 2015, Kuching Sarawak Malaysia Title                     :  Applying Information And Communications Technologies To Promote 21st Century Skill Development In Pre-Service Agricultural Educators                Developing Globally Competent Agriculture Educators through Contextually Relevant Immersion Experiences ( August 25-27,2015)

Conference         : American Association of Agriculture Education National Conference, San Antonio Texas, USA                                                                                         Title                     : Bringing Global Agriculture to Summer School: The Governor’s  School Experience (May 19-22, 2015)

Conference         :1st annual Global Learning in Agriculture Conference,  Pennsylvania, USA (November 7-8, 2014)