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1. Jamaludin, M.I.*, Wakabayashi, S.*, Sasaki, K.*, Komori, R., Kawamura, H., Takase, H., Sakamoto, M. and Yoshida, H. MGSE regulates crosstalk from the mucin pathway to the TFE3 pathway of the Golgi stress response. Cell Structure and Function, 2019, 44, 137–151. [Link]

2. Esa, N.E.F., Ansari, M.N.M., Razak, S.I.A., Ismail, N.I., Jusoh, N., Zawawi, N.A., Jamaludin, M.I., Sagadevan, S. and Nayan, N.H.M., 2022. A Review on Recent Progress of Stingless Bee Honey and Its Hydrogel-Based Compound for Wound Care Management. Molecules27(10), p.3080.


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i. Jamaludin, M. I., Kasim, N. A. A., Nor, N. H. M. & Ismail, M. H. Development of Porous Ti-6Al-4V Mix with Palm Stearin Binder by Metal Injection Molding Technique. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 2015, 12, 742-751 [Link]

4. Proceedings

i. Jamaludin, M. I., Mohamad Nor, N. H., Abu Kasim, N. A., Saedon, J. B. & Muhamad, N. Parameter optimization of debinding injection moulded Ti-6Al-4V Mix with palm stearin and polyethylene. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014, 660, 234–238 [Link]

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