Outdoor Environments as Children’s Play Spaces: Playground Affordances

Outdoor Environments as Children’s Play Spaces … [Continue reading]

Qualities of a Great Teacher

Teaching UG and PG is a challenging task, yet interesting because we disseminate knowledge to a crowd of eager minds. In turn, we get good feedback including new knowledge. From my 30 years of teaching which include eight years of PG supervision, I … [Continue reading]

Journey of a Scholar

TIME IS NEEDED FOR A CRESCENT MOON TO BECOME FULL -- Rumi. Likewise, it takes time to produce a PhD thesis. To get a rose, you have to pass through its thorns. … [Continue reading]

Young Children Eco-literacy with Everyday Landscape

Synopsis This study will explore on how much young children know the relationship of plant and animals in their residential community. That is what and how do 5 to 12 years old children directly experience with the elements of outdoor that afford … [Continue reading]

Children’s Environment

Allowing young children to engage with outdoor environment permits them to construct their own learning process on the functional properties of elements. The engagement also affords the children to learn social skill through play with peers. … [Continue reading]

Being a teacher

A good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates, a great teacher inspires. Your research framework is generated from a review of many subjects from different disciplines. Your task is to cogently write the materials into a pattern of … [Continue reading]