My PhD Candidates and Their Research Topics (19)

1. Art Manikam
2. Noraini Bahari
3. Amatalraof Abdullah
Biometrics for Passive Air-conditioned Architectural Design for Buildings in the Hot Arid Region (Submitted thesis for approval by Senate)
4. Tun Irfan
Impact of Artworks on Development of Child Friendly Environment (Chapters Writing; submitting first draft in Feb 2019)
5. Joharudin Samion
Resilience capacity of Malaysia district to combat the economic impact from Iskandar Development (Chapter writing)
6. Amalina Fauzi
Ecosystem services of urban greenery on people’s wellbeing (Chapter writing)
7. Mega Suria Hashim
Outdoor Learning for Middle Childhood for Malaysian Children (Interpretation of results and Chapters writing)
8. Janatun Naim Yusof
Sensibility Index of Young Children Towards Rural Landscape in Malaysia (Interpretation)
9. Nur Amira Samad
Accessibility of Handicaps in Urban Environment (Data Analysis and Interpretation)
10. Akinyoyenu Festus
Morphology of Greenery and Open Spaces For Urban Planning of Akurea in Nigeria (Submitting thesis for viva in mid Feb 2019)
11. Amr Mohamad Alabbasi
Restorative Effects of Open Spaces at Well-Planned Cities on the Physiological Health of Obese Adults in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia (Data Interpretation and writing manuscript)
12. Sarah Alia Norazlan
Ecological Literacy of Young Children on Rural Environment (Analyzing data)
13. Azmiah Ghaffar
Thermal Performances of Vertical Green Systems at Building Corridor in Industrial Area of Pasir Gudang(Data Collection)
14. Daodu Oluwatomisin
Children Independent Mobility in Barrack Environment(Analyzing data)
15. Salim Bashir Umar
Adaptive reuse of precolonial and postcolonial buildings in Kano, Nigeria(Analyzing data)
16. Abdulkarim Kabiru Haruna
Effects of Greenery on Thermal Comfort of Users in Experiencing Campus Landscape in North-Eastern Region of Nigeria(Analyzing data)
17. Nurzuliza Jamirsah
Paradox of the Role Green Space on Carbon Neutrality in Urban Environment(Data Collection)
18. Aishat Abu Bakar
Interaction of Children with Traditional Public Spaces (Data Collection)
19. Rohana Firdaus
River Development Shaped by Community Resilience(Preparing for Data Collection)

PhD Research

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Postgraduate Supervision

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PhD Journey

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PhD Colloquium

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Examining PhD and Master Theses for 2016 and 2017

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Role of a University

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Diagram on a Study of Bird Habitat and Behavior

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University Education

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Outdoor Environments as Children’s Play Spaces: Playground Affordances

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