Dr. Nur IzieAdiana Abidin received her PhD in Civil Engineering, major in construction management in 2019 from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). In 2009, she joined Trans Resources Corporation,  a contractor firm and 2012 at MCM associates a consultant company where she served as a Quantity Surveyor. In September 2019, she become a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Structure and Materials, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.  She supervised research in the field of construction management with a special focus on building sustainability (sustainable retrofitting and energy efficiency) and safety in construction. Izie teaches several courses on construction management which is “Principle Engineering Management”, “Laws in Forensic Engineering”, “Project Estimating”, “Construction Laws and Contract” and “Introduction to Entrepreneurship”.

She also has published research papers in various international journals and conference proceedings. Her research interest encompasses building retrofitting, energy efficiency, construction safety, and construction management. She also becomes a member of the Scientific Committee and Technical committee in various conferences.