Good morning everyone! So today is a big day for us in the office as we uphold another chapter of our task by organising a Symposium on NALI 2018 which held at our very own Dewan UTMLead, UTM. And to illustrate what is NALI and its purpose, please visit our website to find out even more on the Symposium. (I’m a technical production guy, it would be better for you to visit NALI website to know more okay )

But today I would like to share the other side of the Symposium that is the 30 minutes preparation before the program. You could see for yourself some of the staff assigned to smoothen the Symposium served with excellence. Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!   

These are some of the photos I took earlier this morning before the Symposium began. They work very hard to ensure the smoothness of the Symposium. Hats off to you guys!   So, the Symposium on NALI is just the beginning to an even bigger programs and event in the future. We will also be organising a number of event such as STEMazing Race & Run, and Exhibition & Competition on September 2018. So if you would like to participate on the event this September please visit our website or our Facebook page to find out more on our upcoming event. Please make sure to bookmark our website and LIKE our FB page, allright? See you soon!