Morning everyone! What a fine Thursday morning here in UTMLead, UTM with all of our staff members gathered in front of the office for Doa recital by one of our bosses. Like every other day in the office when we had the Doa recitation, this is the day like no other day we could possibly think of. And it all started yesterday when one of my colleague told me in whatsapp that I don’t have to recite the Doa this Thursday (which is today and it’s my turn) as he would like to call upon our Boss for the recitation. I asked him why, and he reply “it’s his last day at the office and he did not continue the service in UTMLead”. I said, Oh My God! He’s such a fine man stood between two other Bosses besides him. I wish he could serve much more longer in service at UTMLead.

And he like other great leader in the past, opened his speech this morning with the most simplistic topic but yet easy for all of us to digest and understand it’s content, Sabar = Patience which he quoted from the book “Soal Hati” by Ustaz Pahrul Mohamad Juoi. As he detailing each level of patience with his beautiful words, I was in my state of being focused of what he said and yet he knows when is the right time to inject witty but insightful information. I don’t know the others, but it sure leaves a trail of effect on me.

I don’t have the fancy words to describe of how much we will going to miss your leadership, friendliness, togetherness and many kindness that you have shared to all of us. I pray for success to you.