Good Morning Guys & Girls of UTM. It’s been a while I haven’t write a thing on this blog due to various reason. But do not worry, since Hari Raya Aidilfitri only a a few days ahead, I’m back with another posting! And this time I would like to share something on my previous creative work regarding Pre Raya Photoshoot of UTMLead 2018. (You can click on the link to view the post) So, the Photographer already did a good job taking our Pre Raya photo shoot near Tasek UTM last week. But once we got the google drive link to view the unedited photos, something came up on my mind while viewing and scrolling each of the photos. I thought this was it! I could do my part on manipulating one of these images to post on my FB wall and Instagram and finally to all of you readers out there!     (lots of hugs) xoxo

So the process always start with an IDEA. Without idea you cannot justify what concept you would like to apply on the images later during manipulation in Adobe Photoshop. This is the most critical step on your work, it’s like telling the people out there what is your manifesto in your current administration. Sigh.    On the other hand, you need to understand your Bosses current situation at that moment. He/She cannot take a long time for the photo shoot session due to meetings and all that. Yess Boss! Aha..OK Boss, Beres! thehehe..just an example okay. So once we have completed the photo shoot with our Bosses, it’s time for all of us to follow our instinct best the next location of shooting. And we chose the surrounding of Rumah Tropika UTM.  But we had to cross through a decayed wooden platform that is waiting to collapse very carefully, otherwise you could fall down! Yeesh! I really hope the administration of UTM could look into this matter real soon, as it is an interesting location for outsiders to capture photos here.

So let’s take a look on how I glued all of the image into one single layer

All of these images are PNG formatted graphic. So you don’t have to do cropping anymore on Adobe Photoshop

These two lovely photos I downloaded from google which very useful for this manipulation project. Yes, I have to crop the house on image number two.

So basically this is the unedited photo. I’m using brush tool with layer mask technique to cleared up the background. It was fun editing in Adobe Photoshop.

And this is the final version of image manipulation I made for my office. All of them animals and landscape merge into one single layer by carefully and precise positioning of all the objects in the artboard of Adobe Photoshop. What I meant by cropping the image was visually brush the edges of the object by using brush tool ,and then fine tune the object until I really satisfy with the result.

Hari Raya Tahun 2016 Grafik Manipulation2016 Hari Raya Grafx Manipulation

Ok, I guess we’ll see each other soon after Hari Raya Aidilfitri Festivities. I will be very busy at this moment in the house doing housekeeping chores, painting exterior walls, change the layout plan inside the house. Huhu..all right! Time for holiday! See u soon! SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI 1439 Hijrah. MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN. Semoga Lebaran Kali Ini Lebih Bermakna!   

p/s: If you would like to see another artwork of mine on Hari Raya Manipulation technique, please log on to my blog by click on the link below.


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