Assalamualaikum. Hello everyone! We meet again in another episode of Hari Raya 2018 festivities. It has been 14 days of Shawal in the Islamic Calendar and yet as a true Malaysians we are still celebrating Hari Raya festive everywhere around us. Though the important days of Shawal are lies from 1st to 3rd days of celebration, it is a normal occasion for us Malaysians in promoting the spirit of Hari Raya continues until the end of Shawal. But of course, the celebration would not be complete as a whole if one does not celebrate the festive with your own Boss at his/her home when somebody at the office tosses the idea out of nowhere. I said wow..OK great idea, I never thought of going to my bosses house for Hari Raya or open house kind of thing if no invitation from them. Because you know what, in the main office you always witness changes in administration staff every two years or so and my office also did not miss the changes as well. But the supporting staff in the Creative Multimedia department remains the same every year now and then, maybe until we all got a pension or move to another department in the future only by then the changes came along. You know we love promotion opportunities just like Managerial position who’s very fast in climbing up the ladder. Some of us have been working for more than 13 years but still waiting and waiting for the opportunity to arise. We only hope for a better opportunity, In Sha Allah. Let’s hope for the BEST!    #utmterusgemilang

Ok, so yesterday we got the Hari Raya invitation from one of our Managers at the office who have shown the humble side of her since she took over the position from our previous Manager, Dr. Norah who did not continue her service in UTMLead.  Please don’t get me wrong! All of our previous Managers were humble down to earth person. It’s almost like a regulation when you step in this office. But it’s not! I guess it must be the LEGACY from the first Director of CTL, Prof. Dr. Mohd Salleh Abu who was very brave with his strategy and passion towards driving the human capital development in this office. Back then we were known as Centre for Teaching and Learning but as we expand in service, UTMLead is now the parent department of CTL and CALPD. And a lot of great Managers (Academic Leaders) were trained under Prof. Salleh leadership skills. How do I know even I’m not an academic staff? It’s difficult to tell but once you work with great leaders, you can tell the difference.

So these are some of the images of Eid celebration I took at my bosses home. As you can see we were full in shape and sizes, but yet still happy looking faces everywhere we go. I think that’s the key to ‘muda remaja’ kind of thing. Hehehe…

Yes, we work as a family, eat like a family, but sleeps with different dreams. If you know what I mean.

So one of the main agenda when eating together like a family was to talk like a pro politician. Neither one of us were true or false with their factual statement.

Mee Bandung Muar. The main dishes that bind us together for a prolonged of service towards our future ahead.

Our T&L Deputy Director deliciously enjoying the meal that day. Hurm..can I get the recipe oh my great manager, Dr. Nurbiha?  

And yes more and more of our staff came along for Hari Raya lunch. Woo hoo! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

They were happy with their meal as in Mcd’s Happy Meal. Lot’s of LOVE except no toy inside the box. Thehehe…just kidding!

Yes..this is the moment. The moment of truth when your stomach full of food with no space to bare!

Oops! This should not be posted here!     

Once again we like to express our full gratitude to our boss Dr. Nurbiha for the invitation and delicious lunch meal you served for us that day. It was a great time we had there. We pray for success to you in the future and lot’s of happy moments with us as your teammates in Creative Multimedia Learning Technology Department. See you in another topic guys!

jeffri Rahman
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