Oii..JOM Makan-makan di Jamuan Hari Raya UTMLead 2018! Mari mari oii..makan!!

Hello everyone. Assalamualaikum! We meet again in another episode of Hari Raya Celebration of UTMLead 2018. As I have said in my previous post, we are a true Malaysians in our hearts where we still continue lighting up the spirit of Hari Raya until the end of Shawal. This is almost a miracle! But that’s what makes us unique from other Islamic countries around the world. It seems that the tradition of Eid Al Fitr or Aidilfitri in Malay language only lies on the 1st of Shawal whereas all Muslims in the world gathered together to perform Eid Al Fitr solat at a local nearby Mosque or in their village. And yes food is the main agenda when it comes to Eid celebration in Malaysia as we all love the different colours and taste of ‘kuih raya‘ served for us at the food table. This is true! If you would like to experience the beautiful and colorful tasty of Malaysian dishes, start pack your bag and fly to Malaysia guys!! You are most welcome! SELAMAT DATANG!   

So back to our topic! Once again the wonderful colours of Hari Raya celebration continues even more happening back in our main office. This annual event organised by KAPPELLA (Kelab Keluarga Pusat Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran) is headed by new management this year. New faces with new challenges ahead. As you could see from the photos below, we all came forward to the office to lend a hand or two. But it turns out all the tables and chairs has been placed in a perfect position. Gosh..I wish I was not too late for this! Okay, I leave you guys with these photos as I will update another posting some time around. See you soon!

The B&W of life: Before we kickstart the day make sure our Sampin tight enough around our waist.

The B&W of life: I believe he’s about to make changes all over again.

The B&W of life: Yes..I thought so too.   

Everything falls into place.

Launching ceremony of chili planting project behind the office. Headed by our lovely Boss.

And yes we are ready for the celebration! Celebrate good times come on!   

These towels are for birthday celebration for UTMLead staff who were born between January and June. So we include this ceremony as well.

I will see you guys in the next posting. OKAY?

Jeffri Rahman
Producer | Editor | Blogger