Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of you dear visitors. It seems that time really flies away when I composed my last post about 2 months ago! Yeesh! Although I have many material that I would like to share with you, but for the moment my mind was stuck with motion graphic projects for next month engagement session with the Vice Chancellor. Plus, I already have another video editing project at hand. The thing is ‘You Cannot Rush Art’. I hope I send a clear message on this to all of my clients in UTM.  

So, with a few days left from now, all of our friends at the office really work hard to get the job done. Every one of us plays our own role based on the task given at the meeting by our Big Boss. In my personal opinion, she has her own way of doing things which I thought; that’s how Engineers worked at the field. And you better be ready with your answer! So, do you get the picture?  . Be not worried! As long as you do your job, she gonna be just fine. Well if you guys don’t have any idea of what is STEMAZING RUN, please follow this link: STEMAZING RUN 2018. All I can say is that THE HEAT IS ON!!

So Doctor, could you please help us with the letter ‘I’ on the hands of the robot?

They are priceless. You can’t afford them!

This is another way of cutting those symbols instead of diecast on a machine which is cost effective. But you need highly skilled and talented people like him.

Yes, everything is ready. Are you?

Whoop! Whop! All of runners name listed here. You will be surprised!

Cantik tak saya?

So, as you can see, all of them are doing their part to ensure everything is fall into place. Let’s give our BEST to make this event a memorable one. Continue read STEMAZING RUN 2018 Preparation Part 2

Jeffri Rahman
Producer } Editor | Blogger