Assalamualaikum, and a very good day to all of you out there. I’m back again today with another posting on the same event, that is STEMAZING RUN 2018 which already took place on 22nd of Septembre 2018. Before I could sit back and relax there was already another program which has been took place a few days ago on 25-26 of Septembre 2018 at Dewan Sultan Iskandar, UTM. And after STEMAZING RUN and NALI 2018 have been successfully executed, there is already a job waiting on my desk. Developing a montage for UTM Charity Shop and also Penghargaan Pendaftar UTM. I mean just imagined the heat from one program to another. It seems that our Bosses really push the stone in front of her to the max and you too MUST dive inside the same pool together with them. There is this strong Malay proverb to visualise something so big and difficult to do, but when you do it with patient, care, love, team-effort, everything will fall into place and finally the sheer of success! The idea of this program (STEMAZINGRUN) came from our staff at the office during last year strategic planning workshop. This is because most of them like to participate in sporting event particularly running activity which has been much more common these days. I am not into that activity due to growing age factor.   . Back in my school days, I was a badminton player representing for my class and also long jump which I never thought of why I could joined these sports arena. Personally to me I think it’s because our Teacher who had shown strong encouragement towards sporting event. But that was like twenty seven years ago. OMG! That was such a long time ago! time really flies…

So back to our topic. One of my duties as a secretariat for STEMAZINGRUN 2018 was a Videographer and social media uploader to our page. I’m using my Redmi 5 Plus to cover the preparation of the event back in our office that day. It was not the best gadget to capture an event but it was more than enough! It’s better going on mobile than to shoot with big and bulky DSLR by your side all the time. Just so you know the wide angle lens of 16-35mm 2.8L is quite heavy due to it’s quality built factor. In the back of my mind, I thought hey, it would be a tremendous idea if my office had a mirrorless camera the one like Sony A7R III or Sony A9 to shoot this kind of event. It’s built in wireless function let you transfer files from the camera to your smartphone. And then it’s just a matter of uploading to Instagram with/without filter effect (if you know what I mean)    And the best thing is I don’t have to transfer the files from my smartphone to my mac just to create a video slideshow. Hack no way I don’t do that kind of stuff anymore after the creative invention of smartphone these days. What I did was to download video editing apps @ PlayStore and select multiple images from the internal drive, bammm…everything goes to the timeline with just a few touch on the screen. But of course it would be better to setup the theme suited for the event. My advice is, use whatever gadget you have to simplify your workflow.  .

Well it seems that I need to focus on my work now so see you guys soon on my next blog post okay? Hope you enjoy the video made with video editing apps on android smartphone.



Jeffri Rahman
Producer | Editor | Blogger