Hello again everybody! It has been a long time since I wrote my previous post last January and since then I haven’t update or share anything with you guys. OMG, I am truly sorry for this. There has been a lot of things going on in the office back then that need to be addressed and therefore my hands are tied in the production and post-production process up till now. But the thing is I do have a couple of interesting stuff to share with you. 

Well, in the last February my video production team had undergone a video shooting in a place called Tanjung Surat which situated in Kota Tinggi, Johor. At first I don’t even know this place exist in the map of Johor because  this was the first time I heard the name of that place. And I am surely confident that you guys Johorean don’t even know about it right? So we took off from Skudai early in the morning to have breakfast at Hentian R&R Layang (Senai NorthBound). I can’t remember which food stall did we ate, but when you guys had the chance to go to Kota Tinggi via E22 Senai Desaru Expressway do look for a menu Kacang Pool or Mee Kari. It’s quite tasty and delicious makes you want to add more! But do not worry because there aren’t many food stall open in the area so parking space is not an issue. 

Before we headed to the location, I make a call to Mr. Haji Lazim, the guy that we dealt with regarding our transportation, food and homestay at Tanjung Surat, just to make sure everything is prepared. Plus he is also a Jong maker. WoW!! And we look at the time at our smartphone it seems quite impossible to reach there before friday prayer, so we stop by at Gugusan Felda Adela at Masjid Al Ikhwan. Alhamdulillah, once we have finished our friday prayer we continue our journey to Jeti Tg. Belungkor. From there we boarded a boat to the island of Tanjung Surat which is not too far from Tg. Belungkor. The boat fare was RM 1.50/person. Cheap ain’t it? Why? Because like I said before, it’s not that far from Jeti Tg. Belungkor. 

 You see on the far left of the image was the jetty of Tg. Surat which is not far from jetty Tg. Belungkor

Once we arrived at Tg. Surat Jetty we were greeted by a husband and wife couple with two cars beside them. They helped us loading our heavy bags into the car boot. Thank you very much for this! Your kindness shall stay in our hearts forever. Well as I mentioned before the island made of three villages which is Kampung Linting, Kampung Nyiur and Kampung Tg. Surat itself. Because there is no chalet or resort whatsoever at the moment, so  one the good people of Kampung Linting rented one of their home to us production crew for two days and one night (2D1N). Yes I felt the ‘orang kampong’ in me again especially on the part where we have to sleep close to each other like the Hari Raya scene when your cousins from afar greets you with big smile but deep in their heart they judge your every action for the entire holiday! Yeesh!! I really can’t stand to look at that kind of scene!   

After we put our bags inside the house we were called for lunch at Hj. Lazim home. Most of the time there we were just walking back and forth from our homestay to Hj. Lazim home which is not too far, I think about 100 meter maybe. And to our surprised, all of the dishes were a 100% seafood! OMG! We have belangkas (horse shoe crab), ketam masak lemak (crab), ikan masak asam pedas. OMG!!! It’s difficult to feel shy anymore when you were served with delicious foods on the table. All of the production crew really full and happy on that time! This is the most joyous moment for us in Tanjung Surat!

We begin shooting right after we had our lunch until dawn. The scene we recorded that day was the final scene because we had little time from 3pm-7pm with mostly more than 1 take per shooting. This is normal in filming production. Once you satisfied with your footage then you can plan for the next scene. Alhamdulillah, now’s the time to take shower and perform Maghrib prayer. After that we walking again in the dark of night to Hj. Lazim’s house for dinner. Everybody looking forward to it after a hard day’s work.

 Who can resist such mouth watering dishes in front of your eyes!
 Yes we look tired, but once we start scoop the fried rice into our plate, there’s nothing you can do to stop us from having dinner and we bring back the food of what’s left behind!   

 Well that has been a journey for us on that day at the island of Tanjung Surat. Most of us were ready to sleep side by side with each other just like hari raya scene. The only downside was, when you feel badly want to defecate that night there is only one way you could do that by going out of the house to the back to do you business. There’s no other way! Because the toilet inside the house for taking shower and pee-pee only. Yup! That was the way of original Kampong life back then. I hope you enjoy reading the 1st part of this story till then we shall meet again in part 2 okay! To continue reading Part 2 of my journey at Tanjung Surat, Kota Tinggi, Johor, click on this link and I’ll take you there. 😉

Jeffri Rahman
Producer | Editor | Blogger