Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of you wonderful out there. I am returning again for another topic regarding my work at the studio especially on our MCP gadget. Yes. It’s such a heartbreaking to know that our Atem Switcher has been sent to the master Distributor for RMA process. What it means is that the gadget going through repairing during this warranty period.

I have been noticing these technical issues since our first MCP job at Dewan Senat UTM where the incoming audio feed from the external amp does not return back to Atem Software Control though I have pushed the XLR button ON. Then it happened again at the Studio with the same problem. Again, at the Dewan Banquet UTM! So the only option I have was to send back this unit to its Distributor for RMA warranty request.

You know doing MCP job requires a handful of crew to take out those gadget from our studio to our dept. car. Then we need to lift up again those gadget to the said destination. Before we could even start push the recording button on Hyperdeck Mini, we need to hook up all cameras to the tripod, layout BNC cameras (though we did that a day before the actual event), adjust white balance of all camera, tapping XLR audio cable from the external mixer to Atem TVS HD, setting the frame rates from Software Control match with the cameras, and many more.

I really hope after they have repair/replace with a new one, I shall get back on my feet again with MCP event recording.

Jeffri Rahman
Producer | Editor | Blogger