Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of my visitors. I hope you guys are in great condition in this month of Ramadhan which still left a few days from today. To all Muslims out there, grab this opportunity to pursue Lailatul Qadr. Hope we will get it, In Sha Allah.

Well, it has been a long time I haven’t update any post in this blog due to work at the office with video editing from last year’s project. Yes, the full video has not completed yet due to MCO last year, and hopefully this week of May 2021 this project will continue smoothly before anything happens like the possibility of MCO 3.0. All right that’s the story of my working days at the office. But now I would like to share my experience during a live streaming session last Saturday organized by Kolej Tunku Canselor KTC UTM.

Well, the truth was, my office mate asked whether I agree to become a Speaker for a Videography Workshop organized by KTC. And I said to him yes, I agree. The only thing I don’t have at that moment was a presentation slide. So I ask for his permission to use his own presentation slide which he has because he already did the workshop last year. Thanks mate! So, sit back and relax..listen to my talk. Huhu…I pasted the link below. I have somehow tried to embed the link from Facebook to this WordPress post but to no avail! So, the only way I could make things happen was to paste the link here. So sorry guys….

Jeffri Rahman
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