Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of you out there. It seems that the feeling of MCO 3.0 is the same as MCO 1.0 last year when all of us UTM staff have to do work from home. Honestly, I have started feeling more comfortable doing work from home than doing work at the office. Though the work I did mostly on video editing at the moment, but if there is work that cannot be done from home, that’s where me and my team have got to get back to the office for production works. And yes that means there is a job at the studio which requires setting up the camera, cabling, audio mix, green screen, for the purpose of live stream. And the best thing when doing work from home is that somehow I felt more connected to my three beautiful little princess who always need attention of mom and dad!   Hey..moreover I’m a home person who spends more time at home rather than going outside for nothing! But that doesn’t mean I’m not going out anywhere at all with my family, only I chose to be at home more frequent, that’s what I like the most about being at home although you get the picture of how cluttered were things on the floor!

The video editing project we’re did was mostly on online learning campaign (OLC) and other bunch of intro videos, preparation for NALI 2021 which going to be held end of this year which is said to use virtual exhibition platfrom and I still search for it up till now, everyday morning Doa’s which regularly held at the office but now on Webex, and yes that’s pretty much what I did at home. Of course, I have with me my desktop computer which we all bring back home from the office. But to tell you guys the truth, it is a very different scenario when doing work at home than the office especially when our kids with us every day during MCO 3.0. Child care center did not operate during this lockdown, and we still have to pay for the monthly fee, but with 50% discount to make sure our kids still have a place there. Furthermore, it’s not like we’re doing solid work from 8-5 just like at the office. We still have to bathe our kids, give them breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the mother and father things chore at home in this pandemic time. See what I mean? Before the pandemic, we’re sending our kids to child care center before we go to work and then at 5pm we take them back home and that’s where we start our lovely life again with them. But during the pandemic we have a lot of time with them, especially for me and my wife because we’re both works in the Government sector. Oh how I wish I could be with them all the time!  

But yes, once the pandemic has gone somehow though it’s impossible at the moment, we have to start back the time where we send our kids as usual at the Child care center, doing our work at the office just like before and lead the life we once knew and hopefully things will get better and much better once we have vaccinated and travel the world once again.

Thank you
Jeffri Rahman
Producer | Editor | Blogger