About myself

Dear all,  
Here’s some little information about myself. 
I served as a licensed counsellor and counselling educator since 2000. As a licensed counsellor and counselling educator, I see myself as a person who has the privilege of taking the journey with people who may have encountered problems in their lives, be it loss and grief, family and work related stresses, or mental illness. I embrace the humanistic and systemic approach in counselling. I received training in Satir Systemic Brief Therapy and Expressive Art Therapies. I enjoy my practice as a counsellor, educator as well as a researcher. I believe the beauty of counselling and therapy lies in the creation of a safe and distilled environment where people can face their intra- and inter- relational conflicts. I am a qualitative researcher and I enjoy listening to people’s stories and their lived experiences. As a counsellor educator, I enjoy teaching and also training future mental health professionals at the university level apart from doing research. I am a strong advocate of community assistance programmes, and have been actively involved in promoting and developing such programmes. 
My favourite quote: Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced  ~ Soren Kierkegaard.
My favourite authors: Irvin Yalom, Carl Rogers and many more…..