Master students

MSc. Students (Main Supervisor) – 10 graduated, 5 active

12010Mohd ‘Azizir- Rahim Bin Mukri GraduatedNanostructured Zinc Antimonides (Zn4Sb3) Thermoelectric Thin Films Prepared by RF Magnetron SputteringResearch
22010Emilly Binti Albert AlimGraduatedStructural and Surface Morphology of Nanocrystalline Bismuth Telluride Thin Films Deposited using RF Magnetron SputteringResearch
32011Mohd Fazrulhisyam Bin Mohd NorGraduatedAn Improved Ring Method for Hydrometer CalibrationResearch
42011Muhammad Akmal Bin HasanudinGraduatedInvestigation on Morphology and Structural Properties of2D Carbon Nanostructure Grown Via VHF-PECVDResearch
52012Naziha Binti JamaludinGraduatedThe Influence of Growth Parameter on Zinc Oxide NanowiresResearch
62014Nur Farah Nadia Binti Abd KarimGraduatedMorphological and Structural Properties of Silicon Carbide Quantum dots Grown by Very High Frequency Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor DepositionResearch
72014Nor Fadilah Binti Mohamad NasirGraduatedMorphology of GaAs Nanowires Grown by RF Sputtering with Single Buffer Layer AssistedResearch
82015Haezah Munyati Binti JusohGraduatedStructural and optical properties of SiC Nanowires grown by VHF-PECVDResearch
92016Norafizah Binti SalihinGraduatedSynthesis and characterization of aluminium doped zinc oxide nanoflowers by thermal evaporationResearch
102016Nor Hariz Bin Kadir RosmanGraduatedNanocrystal Transition of Silicon Thin Film Grown By VHF-PECVDResearch
112016Muhamad Muizzudin Bin AzaliActiveNanocrystal Structure Transition of SiC Thin Film Grown by VHF-PECVDResearch
122017Zainur Atika Binti IbrahimActiveSynthesis and Characterization of Graphene by VHF-PECVDResearch
132019Md Nazrul Khan Bin Md Shaharudin KhanActiveCurrent  Stability Analysis and Monitoring For Effective tDCs (Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation) Wearable TreatmentResearch
142019 Ain Ajeerah Binti RamliActiveCharacterization of Lead-Free Perovskite Absorbing Layer Deposited using Spin Coating TechniqueResearch
152020Ahmed Abdalla Moustafa HusseinActiveVircator Microwave Generator Design and SimulationResearch

MSc. Students (Co-Supervisor) – 6 graduated, 1 active

12008Didik AryantoGraduatedMorphology and Structure of Self‐Assembled In x Ga 1−x As Quantum Dots Grown on GaAs (100) Using MOCVDResearch
22008Nurul Aini TarjudinGraduatedSiC Quantum Dots Grown by RF Magnetron SputteringResearch
32008Salwa Binti HussinGraduatedA Locally Developed Microbial-based Biosensor for Rapid Determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand in Waste WaterResearch
42010Amira Saryati Binti AmeruddinGraduatedSurface Morphology of In0. 5Ga0. 5 Quantum Dots Grown using Stranski-Krastanov Growth ModeResearch
52011Mohamad Helmi Bin Abd MubinGraduatedOptical and Sensing Properties of Sputtered Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Thin FilmsResearch
62015Nurul Anati Binti SallehGraduatedCopper Doped and Strontium Co-doped Magnesium Borate Glass as Thermoluminescence Dosimeter Irridiated by Co-60Research
72019Khairul Aizat Bin NadzariActiveGrowth Mechanism of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Multilayer Structure for Optical Filter CoatingResearch