Visit to Madrid under the Erasmus+ Mobility Programme

It was a tremendous morale boost early this year when I got to know that my application for the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme was successful.

For that application, I proposed to visit Prof. Luis Robledo from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM) to learn about mean-field calculations using the Gogny force as well as to discuss possibility of research collaborations between UTM and UAM.

We had a fruitful discussions over the 5 days stay in UAM touching on many issues mostly on research progress and academic programmes designs. Luis had me acquainted to the locally developed computer code and we managed to arrive at a potential research topic that we can collaborate on. 

During my stay, I had also presented on the results obtained from my team’s work in collaboration with Prof. Philippe Quentin and Dr. Ludovic Bonneau from CENBG. I was very glad that the work received some appreciations and kind comments from physicists in Madrid.

Physics aside, I really appreciate Luis’s patience in translating Spanish cuisines at every lunch meals and explaining various issues regarding the local cultures. I got to try local dishes such as gazpacho, paella and chorizo all thanks to Luis’s recommendation. More about my visit to key places in Madrid is given in another link.

With Luis in his office.

Lunch with Prof. Alfredo Poves after my talk.

Outside the Faculty of Science building.

Statue of Avicenna along the pathway to the faculty.

The walk from the faculty to the nearby RER train station.