My academic mission centers around assisting my students in reaching their life goals while nurturing a culture of lifelong learning. Excellence is the best, but it should not be forced, it should be pursued organically rather than imposed. My objective is for each student to acquire meaningful knowledge. Integrity is the most important element that must be upheld. Only those who practice and apply integrity in their daily lives will be able to integrate it into their teaching and research. Moreover, the quality of your life is intricately linked to your approach towards your profession, considering that nearly one-third of your day is dedicated to work. As stated by Kazuo Inamori, founder of Kyocera and KDDI Japan, the result of our life or work = Attitude × Effort × Ability.


by Zuo Zongtang, a Chinese statesman and military leader of the late Qing dynasty. For a loose translation, it signifies: Make high aspirations, form middle bonds, enjoy lower blessings; choose high places to stand, seek peaceful places to live, walk towards wider ground. This has inspired me a lot. However, I prefer the last three the most.

“择高处立” Choose High Places to Stand. When we get to the top of a mountain, we can see much farther and understand where we started and where we should go. This imply that we need to have a clearer vision of our abilities and our potential for accomplishments.

“寻平处住” Seek Peaceful Places to Live. We are encouraged to explore this unpredictable and chaotic world, but it is important to come back to a calm and peaceful place we call home. Home is where we can rest, reflect, and recover, so it should be peaceful

“向宽处行” Walk towards Wider Ground. A mind that is constantly expanding is like a road that keeps getting wider. This shows that as we go through life, we should try to create more chances for ourselves and keep learning new things. We should deliberately broaden our path of opportunities while moving forward in life.


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