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Maslin Masrom on ResearchGate

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Jurnal Sains Humanika

The Regular Issue of Sains Humanika Vol. 12 No. 2 May is now published online: ( Sains Humanika aims to publish high quality peer-reviewed research articles in the fields of … [Continue reading]

Yamane (1967) formula to calculate sample size

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ACM Digital Library AIS eLibrary IEEE Explorer ISI Web of Knowledge Science Direct Scopus Thomas Reuters Web of Science … [Continue reading]


Non-response is a major challenge facing studies using survey as a method of data collection. Barriball and While (1999) recommend that researchers should conduct a non-response bias analysis regardless of how high or how low the response rate is … [Continue reading]


Multicollinearity is a situation where explanatory variables are highly correlated. It is important to check multicollinearity problem for continuous and dummy variables before running the model. According to Tabachnick and Fidell (2012), … [Continue reading]


Homoscedasticity is the postulation of normality connected with the idea that endogenous constructs demonstrate an equivalent variance across the number of exogenous variables. Heteroscedasticity is triggered through failing the normality test at … [Continue reading]


Checking the normality of the data is necessary before using some multivariate analysis techniques include regression analysis and structural equation modeling (SEM) Statistical tests: Skewness & Kurtosis Skewness measures the extent of … [Continue reading]


Two objectives of the literature review: (1)   To emphasize the latest perspectives on the subject (2)  To highlight key theoretical frameworks to support the current study   Reference: Curtis, W., Murphy, M., & Shields, S. … [Continue reading]

Thematic Analysis

What is thematic analysis? The thematic analysis approach is used to coding process of data from interview. We can use QSR NVivo software to assist us with this thematic analysis. According to Clarke and Braun (2013), it consists of 6 … [Continue reading]