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Life is full of experience. Living in a Higher Learning Institution as a student is a wonderful part of our life and has always been a dream for many. Thus, students must reap the full experience of the short 3-4 years as Undergraduate students and up to 5 years as Master and Ph.D. students.

Ramesh Zaidi personally believes that Higher Learning Institution could also engage students towards achieving FORTUNE through Informal Education provided that the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is in place. For that reason, Ramesh Zaidi is often passionate about the value of IT Project Management and IT Entrepreneurship, from both theory and practice perspectives.

Ramesh Zaidi is currently an Associate Professor in Information Systems, in the Azman Hashim International Business School (AHIBS), where he was formally senior academic from the Faculty of Computing for more than 15 years. He truly believes that acquiring & offering hands-on experience, plus understanding customer needs, pains, and gains are the utmost important values for life.

He has B.Sc. (Physics). Computer. Ed and M.Sc. (IT) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), MALAYSIA and received D. Eng. in Information Science & Control Engineering from Nagaoka University of Technology, JAPAN in 2007. He has worked in more than five organizations prior to UTM, where he held various positions from academic and non-academic either in Private and Government based organizations. He has also been involved in business ventures as an entrepreneur from 1993 till present. Currently, he is the Director of the UTM Centre for Student Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship (UTM XCITE).

In 2017, he was awarded as a Master Trainer in Computational Thinking & Computer Science Training by MDEC and led the DigitalMakerHub in UTM. He is also actively engaged in Micro-controller training focusing on the National Jurulatih Utama (JU) from the Ministry of Education and he himself was the Founding Advisor and Mentor for Young Innovate Program for the Malaysian Southern Region since 2016.

He is currently the Vice President of Malaysia Computational Thinking Network (MCTN) which has been established in early 2018. In this initiative, his work is focusing on Computing Methodologies particularly in Computation work utilizing Computational Thinking (CT) Concepts. These are to improve the approaches on how to develop a better Algorithm, decomposing of huge problems, recognizing patterns, abstraction, conducting an improved Logical Reasoning and Evaluation. These CT concepts and techniques have been accepted as the precursor for the undeniable IR 4.0. After applying CT in many of his innovation and entrepreneurship cases and classes, he found that CT is becoming too focused on selective Computational lens, thus become less humane. Since then, he introduces research on Humanizing Computational Thinking, where he attempts to inject Humane ingredients into computation solution.

He has been member to several prestigious associations and society, such as Project Management Institute (PMI) – Since 26 October 2011- Member No: 2220795, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA), Society of Automobile Engineering (SAE), USA- Since 2007-Member No: 6121828288, Kansei Engineering (KE)- 感性工学 (かんせいこうがく)-Since 2007, Japan Traffic Safety Association (JTSA)- 全日本交通安全協会 (こうつうあんぜんきょうかい)- Since 2007, Johor Amateur Radio Association (JASRA) – Since December 2008-Member No: 0063, SPSS User Group – Associate Member, Malaysian Radio Amateur Licence Holder- Since 28 Aug 2009- Callsign : 9W2DZD

He is also a Certified Project Management PRINCE2 Practitioner (REG: P2R/275607), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (Microsoft Office Project 2007 MCID: 7582885), OBASHI Registered (OB/MY000027), holds MNCC Certificate of Business and Systems Analysis, TRIZ-Level 1, holds a Malaysia Radio Amateur License with a call-sign 9W2DZD, enjoys motor-biking and actively involved in Wellness and Health coaching activities.

“Formal Education will make you a LIVING… Informal Education will Provide you a FORTUNE!”

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