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♬ original sound – Bulan Moon Luna – Bulan Moon Luna

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♬ original sound – Bulan Moon Luna – Bulan Moon Luna

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♬ original sound – Bulan Moon Luna – Bulan Moon Luna

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Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) – Student Creative Song attributed to MJIIT Title: ARAH TERBIT MATAHARI Composer: Dr. Mohamad Fadzli Haniff, Pjay Hamzah Lyrics: Dr. Mohamad Fadzli Haniff, Dr. Nurshafinaz Mohd Maruai, Dr. Nor Shahida Hasan Producer: Pjay Hamzah Vocal: PENTAS MJIIT, @bael0n, @ameerais.azhar, @bulanmoonluna Recording Studio : Studio Multimedia MJIIT #fyp #utmawesome @Bulan Moon Luna

♬ original sound – UTM MJIIT Official – UTM MJIIT Official

Let’s Meet MJIIT Students in Group Part 1 Watch and listen to them discussing about they life as MJIIT students in UTMKL #fyp #utm #universititeknologimalaysia #utmawesome #studentlife #student #study #university #universiti 📹: Studio Multimedia MJIIT

♬ original sound – UTM MJIIT Official – UTM MJIIT Official

Let’s Study @ MJIIT MJIIT offers 5 Undergraduate Programmes: Bachelor of Mechanical Precision Engineering with Honours Bachelor of Electronics System Engineering with Honours Bachelor of Chemical Process Engineering with Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) with Honours Bachelor of Science (Industrial Mathematics) with Honours We are looking forward for all of you to join us! #fyp

♬ original sound – UTM MJIIT Official – UTM MJIIT Official



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Subject I Taught

2021 – Ongoing






2018 – 2021






My Soul of Academia

UTM philosophy says that the divine law of Allah is the foundation of knowledge. UTM is committed in attaining excellence in science, technology and engineering for the well-being and prosperity of mankind. From this I believe that all achievements are nothing if they cannot contribute for the good of humanity, it will just be empty success without any meaning.

In becoming the premier university which provides world-class education and research, UTM is strive in developing holistic talents and prosper lives through knowledge and innovation technologies. For me, only by having these achievement through knowledge and innovative technologies, UTM can prove to the world that it is getting closer in achieving the vision that was set. The acknowledgement and ranking achieved from the talent and prosper live outcome from the motivation of me an academician to move forward.

The Envision UTM 2025 plan which supported by 5 core values; Integrity, Synergy, Excellence and Sustainability are becoming the base of career development in UTM, at least for me. As an academician, I have many responsibilities that are handed to me and should be executed as best that I could. In doing my jobs I should be resourceful with my surrounding; my colleagues, industries and communities should be included toward my effort achieving UTM goals. I believe the achievements and efforts that I do will be acknowledge by university and it should be continuously running with continuous motivation.

In supporting the core values, there are 5 strategic thrusts and 8 strategies priorities revolves around achieving excellence in students, staff, research, organizational and community aside the university ranking. For me in general, achieving the UTM goals should be done by not only considering the academic matters, but also the students, staff and organization should demonstrate good values in achieving the academic excellence.

Malaysia Education Philosophy emphasize the roles of physical, emotion, spiritual and intellectual in achieving academic excellence. As an education, I should not only be physically healthy and good, I have to show empathy to my students. University is not a military service but it’s a place for students and also staff to gain knowledge, experience and good values, so I should be show my students the good value of humanity to shape their spiritual self.  I should also encourage my students to contribute back to society in solving their daily lives by using the intellectual idea and solution. This support UTM philosophy to contribute to mankind.

My Iconic Academia

Professor Ir. Dr. Hazlina Selamat

Name: Prof. Ir. Dr. Hazlina Selamat

Current Position: Director of Control and Mechatronics Engineering Division (CMED), Faculty Of Electrical Engineering (FKE), UTM

Field of Expertise: Electronic control unit design for automotive applications; crowd modeling, control and simulation for safer building design; and energy optimization.

She taught the to take easy on my self. I should be working smart instead of working hard. She always ask me to take a break when I think I need to. She trust in me when I didnt have any trust or confidence. Even after I already become a lecturer, she always treasure me as her “Manja but smart” student. This experience helped me in becoming a good and empathic lecturer.

My Teaching Philosophy

During my PhD time, I already been requested by juniors to tutor or help them in understanding a specific subjects that they deem to be difficult.

When I managed to make them understand more than their own lecturer, it gave me a personal self satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

The transition of the looks on their face when they learn from me was so heartwarming.

Due to that I choose to become a lecturer.

Thats my motivation for teaching; watching the transition or transformation of student when learning something.

I trust that relationship between lecturer and students bring change to both sides.

Students will also help lecturers to grow to become a more empathy, mature and wise than before.

By becoming more approachable, it will make it more easier for the growth to happen.

I would like to be a lecturer where the students still refers to even when they already graduated and working in industry.

I want create many students that I will be proud of to call my legacy. From my 5 years experience in teaching, I believe that systematic teaching from lower to higher difficulty materials is very effective for my subjects.

Creating a simple systematic teaching material that containing hacks and tricks to make it easy to understand will increase the effectiveness of the material to be used for both synchornous and asynchronous teaching.

This is effort will be appreciated by the students.

It is a lecturer’s role to make path for the the students to learn in easier and much understandable way.

I discover this during my time as students where some of my memorable lecturers realy treated us like a gem to be polished carefully.

I believe constructivism and behaviorism are the teaching techniques suitable for a person like.

I should not only deliver the knowledge, but I have to make sure they received the information well.

One way communication in class is a no go for me.I should give the students chances, space and time for my students to absorb or process the knowledge in their own way.

They should participate in class in disucssion, enquiries and answering. They should also be provided with relatable and understandable important informations.

In order to encourage participation and good performance among my students.

Giving the change for the students to make mistakes and carefully explain to them the correct way will make the knowledge transfer more impactful.

I believe a more empathic approach as reinforcement is important in shaping the students not only academically but as human beings.

Mohamad Fadzli Bin Haniff




Senior Lecturer (2021 – Ongoing)

Mechanical Precision Engineering (MPE), Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

Senior Lecturer (2018 – 2021)

Electrical, Electronics and Automation (EEA), Malaysian Spanish Institute (MSI), Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)


Doctor Of Philosophy (Electrical Engineering), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia – 2017

Comfort-Power Optimized Technique For Air-Conditioning Scheduling System

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical – Mechatronics), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia – 2011

Diploma In Electrical Engineering (Mechatronics), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- 2008