Senior Lecturer at School of Electrical Engineering

Mohamad Amir Shamsudin is a Senior Lecturer in Control & Mechatronics Division Engineering (CMED), School of Electrical Engieering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He was born in Johor, Malaysia, in 1983.

He received the B.S and M.S degrees in Mechatronics Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) respectively in 2007 and 2009. He recently finishes his PhD study in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UTM in the year 2015. His PhD topic is Dynamic Modeling and Control of an Underactuated Wheel Balancing Robot.

Mohamad Amir’s primary research interest and expertise are in the field of

  • Vision-based object recognition & tracking
  • Vision-based robot control & navigation
  • Autonomous mobile robot
  • Unmanned surveillance vehicle
  • Modern & artificial intelligent control, and applied soft computing technique