About Me

Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Behavioural Studies, Drug Delivery, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology

BSc. Biology (Honour) UiTM
Ph.D. in Pharmacology UiTM

Senior Lecturer
T02-04-62, Department of Biosciences, Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Email: mohdaizuddin@utm.my
ResearchGate: Mohd Aizuddin Mohd Lazaldin
Linkedin: Mohd Aizuddin Mohd Lazaldin
Instagram: @aizuddinlazaldin
Twitter: @dr_mohdaizuddin

My deep interest in research and science led me to further my Master in Pharmacology at UiTM in 2015 under the supervision of Professor Dr. Igor Nikolayevich Iezhitsa, Associate Professor Dr. Anna Krasilnikova, Associate Professor Dr. Puneet Agarwal and Professor Dr. Nafeeza Mohd Ismail. In late 2016, my master’s degree was converted to a Ph.D. program and was completed on 6 October 2020. My thesis entitled “Targeting the BDNF/TrkB Pathway for The Treatment of Amyloid Beta 1-40-Induced Neurodegeneration: Focus on Alzheimer’s Disease and Its Ocular Manifestation” contributed to provide evidence that BDNF has a neuroprotective effect against Aβ1-40-induced hippocampal and retinal injuries by preserving its morphology, inhibiting apoptosis and oxidative stress. It also aimed to identify the mechanism underlying the neuroprotective effect of BDNF against Aβ1-40-induced damage. Lastly, this study investigated if BDNF preserves the visual and behavioral functions in rats with Aβ1-40-induced hippocampal and retinal injuries.

I am currently a senior lecturer at the Department of Biosciences, Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. I am more than delighted for any opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge. Thank you!