NoName Of GrantRoleCategory of Grant  Type of GrantAmount (RM)Starting Date
1Characterization of Frequency Spectrum of Breathing Signals According to Genders and BMI For a Standard Biometrics Signatures   LeaderUTMUTMFR552002020
2Extraction of Features of Breathing Sounds From Adults with Various Levels Body Mass Index (BMI)   LeaderUTMTier 2200002014
3The Formulation of Malay Speech Intelligibility Model Using Analytical Hierarchy ProcessLeaderOthersFRGS600002014
4Study on Echolocation and Acoustics of Swiftlets for Determination of Optimum Sound System for Swiftlet Birdhouse, MemberUTMRU Grant900002014
5Quantification of The Effect of Reverberant Condition on Bahasa Melayu Speech IntelligibilityLeaderUTMRU Grant200002014
6Sensitivity of Muscle Fatigue Indices Based on Surface Electromyography Temporal-Spectral Characteristics During Dynamic ContractionMemberUTMRU Grant200002014
7Characterization of Syllables of Malay Words For The Development of New Speech Intelligibility Assessor Based on Malay Words Used in Friday SermonLeaderUTMRU Grant400002012
8Development of Vector Broadband RF Reflectometry Instruments by Practicing New Simple Transmission Calibration TechniquesMemberUTMRU Grant1126702012
9The Influence of Pencil Grip, Tilt, And Pressure on Writing Performance of Year 3 PupilsMemberUTMRU Grant400002012
10Development of Handy Microwave Reflectometer for Malaysia Soil Quality ProcessingMemberUTMRU Grant400002012
11Characterization of Sound of Bahasa Melayu Words for Development of New Speech Intelligibility AssessorLeaderUTMRU Grant400002011
12Mathematical Model of Speech Intelligibility in Mosques With Column PillarsMemberOthersFRGS900002008
13Characterization of Audible Low Frequency Noise in Indoor EnvironmentLeaderOthersFRGS400002006
14Guidelines for Speech Intelligibility Index for Curved Surfaces With DomeMemberMOSTIIRPA1440002001
15Development of Acoustic Materials from Local Indigenous MaterialMemberMOSTI (SIRIM)IRPA1995
16Computer Modeling of Acoustics and Sound System of The Enclosed RoomsLeaderUTMShort Term Grant190001998
17Quantification and Prediction of The Effect of Curved Surfaces to the Overall Reverberation Time in Enclosed RoomLeaderUTMRU Grant200001999