Marketing and Student’s Intake Manager

As an educator, our responsibility is not limited to just teaching, but also encompasses other duties pertaining to our area of expertise.

This is not merely a burden, but rather a reflection of the trust and confidence placed in us by others, who believe in our ability to perform our responsibilities competently and conscientiously.

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My Students’ Learning Goal

As an educator, I firmly believe that incorporating both traditional and alternative teaching and learning techniques can greatly enhance students’ understanding and critical thinking abilities. These techniques can prevent students from becoming passive learners who are unable to express their opinions and share their ideas. Although implementing active learning can be challenging and requires cooperation from every student, it has been proven to be effective in facilitating students’ comprehension and retention of knowledge.

In my classroom, I have utilized various active teaching methods such as the flipped classroom, debates, and video recordings. I am pleased to report that my students have enjoyed these techniques and have made significant efforts to become familiar with this active-learning pedagogy.

Despite the challenges, I have successfully conducted classes with several active teaching and learning activities that have been outlined in the course instruction. These activities have aligned with the stated student learning outcomes (SLOs) and have enabled students to complete their assignments successfully.

Moreover, I have also integrated online teaching tools such as Google Jamboard, quizzes, and interactive videos to provide an engaging online learning experience for my students. In addition to these tools, I have presented them with a real-life case study that requires them to apply the theory they have learned to solve a practical problem.

To conclude each class, instead of a case discussion, I have implemented a reflective 5-minute session in which students are asked to reflect on what they have learned and any related issues. Each student is expected to share their opinion via a short 1-3 minute video recording, which they must upload to the e-learning platform.

Overall, I am confident that these active learning activities have helped cultivate my students’ critical thinking skills and their passion for seeking knowledge. This process has also enabled them to achieve the targeted learning outcomes successfully.

Trisya, one of my students in the MRST 1133 course presented their case study solution.
Amirah, one of my students in the MRST 1133 course presented their case study solution.
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My Teaching Philosophy

As an educator, I firmly believe that being a good learner is a vital aspect of being a good educator. Staying updated with the latest developments in the field is crucial for an educator to remain effective. To uphold this belief, I continually review and revamp my teaching methods, seeking innovative approaches to enhance my students’ learning. I am also eager and willing to learn from others, irrespective of their diverse backgrounds.

To cultivate a positive and dynamic learning environment, I understand the need to update my teaching style. Active learning strategies, such as student-led discussions, collaborative project-based learning, debates, industry visits, and flipped classrooms, can help students develop critical thinking skills and enhance their overall learning experience. By incorporating these techniques, students can become active contributors to the classroom discussions, instead of being passive listeners.

Creating an effective education system demands that educators establish clear learning outcomes that align with the pedagogical methods implemented in the classroom. By doing so, students’ assessments can accurately represent their abilities and skills. As an educator, I acknowledge my responsibility to contribute to shaping a better future for all. I am committed to this challenge and strive to make a positive impact on my students’ lives.


Award of Active Blended Learning Course
Award of Active Blended Learning Course
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