(Faculty/ UTM/ National / International)
1Chaperone IBCEX – 3WGelInternational2021
2Best-of-the-Best IBCEX – 3WGelInternational2021
3First Prize IBCEX – 3WGelInternational2021
4Most-liked Video on FB COPE BESTNational2021
5Grand Prize Research Canvas Student Competition – AdvisorInternational2020
6Third poster prize IBCEX -Benefiting Waste as Source of Cellulose – AdvisorInternational2020
7Award Poster Student Competition – AdvisorNational2019
8Bronze Medal INATEX – Nano UVversal Tape Green Antistatic Tape for Electronic PackagingNational2019
9Penghargaan INATEX Rapitreat Beads M2 for pollution treatmentNational2019
10Penghargaan INATEX – Pinagel as second skin from waste to remedyNational2019
11UTIM Award Research Grant – Contact Lens Curing and FormulationUniversity2018
12UTIM Award Research Grant – Characterization of Contact Lens with Wrinkle SurfaceUniversity2018
13Bronze Medal – ITEX Cassava StarchInternational2016
14Gold Medal IiDEX – FluoroPelNational2016
15Silver Medal INATEX – GelTexNational2016
16Silver Medal INATEX – Conductive PaperNational2016
17Gold Medal IiDEX – Soil CoverNational2015
18Gold Medal IiDEX – Cassava StarchNational2015
19Silver Medal BIOINNO – Soil CoverNational2015
20Silver Medal INATEX – Oil/Water SeparationNational2015
21Bronze Medal INATEX – Cassava StarchNational2015