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PhD students | Prof. Dr. Naomie Salim

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PhD students

Supervision : PhD. Computer Science
  1. Akram Osman Yousif Osman, On Going, Quality based Summarization for User Generated Content Within Discussion Forums, 2021
  2. Norhayati Daut, On Going, Big Data Adoption and Implementation Framework, 2021
  3. Alvin Soo Chun Kit, On Going, Talent Analysis from social media, 2021
  4. Sinarwati Binti Mohamad Suhaili, On Going, Chatbot Based on User Intents Using Deep Learning, 2021
  5. Anser Ghazzaal Mian Muzaffer Ali, On Going, Short Signature Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network Â, 2021
  6. Idris Rabiu, On Going, Concept Drift Approach to Recommender System, 2021
  7. Samah Abdelsalam Abdalla Gubara, Graduated, Social Based Model for Impulse Buying Behavior in Social Commerce Context, 2021
  8. Mohammed Khaldoon Mahmood Altalib, On Going, Big Data Analytics for Crimes In Social Media, 2021
  9. Omayma Husain Abbas Hassan, Graduated, Multi-Purpose Expert Finding Framework for Malaysia, 2021
  10. Maged Mohammed Saeed Nasser, On Going, Deep Learning Based Techniques for Ligandbased Virtual Screening of Compound, 2021
  11. Zuriati Binti Ismail @ Khori, On Going, Quality-Based Forum Retrieval, 2021
  12. Azrina Binti Suhaimi on Going, Information Extraction for Analysis of Crime Patterns, 2021
  13. Pouya Foudeh, Graduated, Transforming Probabilistic Ontologies into Relational Databases, 2021
  14. Kasturi A/P Kanchymalay, Graduated, Weather Based Forecasting for Crude Palm Oil Price in Malaysia Using Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Approach, 2020
  15. Shirin Noekhah, Graduated, New Model for Opinion Spam Detection Based on Multiiteration Network Structure, 2020
  16. Aminu Da’u, Graduated, Deep Learning Aspect-Aware Sentiment-Based Recommender Systems, 2020
  17. Abbas Jalilvand, Graduated, Adaptive Sentiment Classification with Concept Drifts Using Marchhine Learning Approach, 2020
  18. Mu’tasem Mohammad Falah Jarrah, Graduated, Framework for Mining Sentiment Analysis and Fundamental Statistical Technique in Stock Market Prediction, 2020
  19. Anupong Sukprasert, Graduated, Stock Market Turning Points Prediction Using News on social media, 2020
  20. Hentabli Hamza, Graduated, Fusion of Molecular Representations and Prediction of Biological Activity Using Convolutional Neural Network and Transfer Learning, 2020
  21. Taiseer Abdalla Elfadil Eisa, Graduated, Figure Plagiarism Detection, 2018
  22. Fatin Ahmed Mohammed Elhaj, Graduated, Arrhythmia Classification from ECG Signals Using Enhanced Wavelet Transformation, 2018
  23. Ibrahim Abdelhamid Sid Ahmed Mohamed, Graduated, Cross Post Relation Identification for Forum Discussion Summarization Based on Decision Tree Classification and Graph Theory, 2017
  24. Waleed Reafee Sbu Jmoona, Graduated, Enhancing Recommender Systems Based on Probabilistic Matrix Factorization Through Intelligent Mining of Social Networks, 2017
  25. Yazan Alaya Jameel Al-Khassawneh, Graduated, Automatic Extractive Text Summarization Using Graph Based Reduction Techniques, 2017
  26. Mubarak Hussein Ibrahim Himmat, Graduated, Using New Similarity Coefficients and Data Fusion to Provide Enhanced Ligandbased Virtual Screening, 2017
  27. Mohammed Mumtaz Mohammed Salih Aldabagh, Graduated, Quantum Probability Approach in Ligandbased Virtual Screening, 2017
  28. Farrukh Saleem, Graduated, Building and Validating Framework to Analyze and Measure the Business Values Of ICT Investment Case Study Of Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia NBSP, 2017
  29. Munawar, Graduated, Data Quality Framework Data Warehouse Development, 2016
  30. Atif Khan, Graduated, Semantic Approach for Multidocument Abstractive Summarization Using Genentic Algorithm and Semantic Graph, 2016
  31. Obasa Adekunle Isiaka, Graduated, Enhanced Lexicon Based Models for Extracting Question-Answer Pairs from Web Forum, 2016
  32. Safaa Eltyeb Mohmed Eltaher, Graduated, Pharmacovigilance Text Mining Using Rulebased and Casebased Reasoning Approaches, 2016
  33. Maqbool Ramdhan Ibrahim Al-Maimani, Graduated, Enhanced Aspect Level Opinion Mining Knowledge Extraction and Representation, 2016
  34. Mohammad Syafrullah, Graduated, Hybrid Fuzzy Multi Particle Swarm Optimization for Taxonomy Extraction, 2016
  35. Krisna Adiyarta Musodo, Graduated, A Workflow Management Framework in Gridbased Data Integrated, 2015
  36. Albaraa Abuobieda Mohammed Ali Abuobieda, Graduated, Hybrid Differential Evoluation Based Automatic Single Document Text Summarization, 2014
  37. Faisal Abdulkarem Qasem Saeed, Graduated, Consensus Clustering Methods for Chemical Structures Databases, 2014
  38. Saidah Binti Saad, Graduated, Ontology Learning and Population Technique for English Extended Quranic Translation, 2014
  39. Yogan A/L Jaya Kumar, Graduated, Cross Document Relation Identification for Multi Document, 2014
  40. Ahmed Hamza Osman Ahmed, Graduated, Improved Semantic Graph-Based Plagiarism Detection, 2013
  41. Ali Ahmed Alfakiabdalla Abdelrahim, Graduated        Fragment Reweighting in Ligand-Based Virtual Screening, 2013
  42. Alzahrani, Salha Mohammed M., Graduated, Plagiarism Detection in Arabic Script Using Artificial Intelligent Techniques, 2012
  43. Iskandar Bin Ishak, Graduated, Peer to Peer Data Searching Using Relevant Peer Selection And Local Availability Estimation, 2012
  44. Ladda Suanmali, Graduated, Semantic Fuzzy Genetic Neuro Text Summarization, 2011
  45. Mohammed Salem Farag Binwahlan, Graduated, Hybrod Fuzzy-Swarm-Diversity Based Document Summarization, 2011
  46. Mrs Siriporn Chimphlee, Graduated, Web-Prefetching Algorithm Based on Fuzzy-Neuro Approach, 2011
  47. Ammar Abdo Mohammed Hasan, Graduated, Similarity – Based Virtual Screening Using Bayesian Inference Network for Searching Chemical Database, 2009
  48. Jehan Zeb Shah, Graduated, Molecular Database Clustering Using Fuzzy-Hierarchical Techniques
  49. Ahmed Adam (Sudan University of Science and Technology), Graduated, Intelligent Trend-Based Social Network Analysis for Recommendation System
  50. Muhammad Awad Naser (Sudan University of Science and Technology), Graduated, Intelligent Prediction of Bank Distress
  51. Waleed Ahmad (Sudan University of Science and Technology), Graduated, Power Plant Yield and Predictive Maintenance Intelligent Prediction
  52. Mnahel (Sudan University of Science and Technology), Graduated, Arabic Sentiment Analysis Using Neuro-SVM Approach
  53. Hadia Abbas (Sudan University of Science and Technology), Graduated, Multi-Document Summarization Using Intelligent Semantic Approach
Co-Supervision : PhD. Computer Science
  1. Sakinah Binti Abd Jamil, On Going, Digital Transformation In Malaysian Industry Through Big Data Analytics (Dba), 2021
  2. Muhammad ‘Ammar Bin Muhammad Sani, On Going, Knowledge Based Imbalanced Classifier, 2021
  3. Mazhar Javed Awan, On Going, Early Knee Osteoarthritis Detection And Captioning Of Magnetic Resonace Imaging , 2021
  4. Muhammad Ikhwan Syafiq Bin Mohammad Rafik, On Going, Determination Of Crime Pattern By Identify Named Entities And Relation Among Entities In Crime News, 2021
  5. Shahan Shawkat, On Going, Digital Transformation In Small Amp Medium Sized Enterprises Smes In Malaysia, 2021
  6. Okfalisa, Graduated, A Knowledge Management Metrics Model To Measure The Performance Of Strategy Implementation In Public Higher Education Institutions  2011