Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering @ UTM

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia is currently running the Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering) with honours programme which offers students various topics related to naval architecture and offshore engineering fields. This program is accredited by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) and recognized by the Royal Institution of Naval Architecture (RINA), United Kingdom. The area of study includes the ship and offshore design, system design, performance, and dynamic behavior of marine vehicles such as ships and offshore structures. In order to achieve this, students are exposed to important courses such as Naval Architecture, Ship and Offshore Design, Ship and Offshore Structures, Marine Management, Environment and Safety, Marine and Offshore Engineering Systems, and many more. The courses will equip students to solve complex naval architecture and offshore engineering problems through various teaching and learning methods including laboratory works. Students can get benefit from the laboratory facilities especially towing tank facilities in Marine Technology Center. In addition, the usage of software such as Rhino, Maxsurf, and Ansys CFD will enhance the skills of the students and added value to their knowledge.

Important information for NAOE students:
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Credit load for KB & KS – Page 12; Horizontal transfer credit – Page 15; Vertical transfer kredit – Page 16; Grading system – Page 18; Repeat grade – Page 38
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