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Dr. Noor Hafizah binti Hassan Noor Hafizah Hassan

Advanced Informatics, 

Fakulti Teknologi dan Informatik Razak,

54200, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Contact : (active respond)

            Qualification: PhD

Area of Interest : Healthcare Informatics, Information Security, Software Engineering, Analytics, E-learning

 Senior Lecturer at Advanced Informatics Dept.,Fakulti Teknologi dan Informatik 
 Razak. I am graduated with Bachelor in Computer Science (Software Engineering) 
 and obtained my Master in Software Engineering from University Malaya.In 2016, 
 I was awarded Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from  (UTM). 
 I have worked with banking industry and served private university before. 
 Supervising more than 20 undergraduate  students with different types of 
 project in information system and software engineering. As fresh PhD graduates, i
 would love to share my experience and journey on my phd. My journey still fresh 
 and it would be different from time to time!.. 
 Feel free to email me at to discuss your interest.