Master of Architecture Studio is one of the subjects that every UTM student must take before they are eligible to get a certificate. There are requirements that are assessed to qualify them as Graduate Architect [Part II]. For instance,

i) DESIGN- Issues, Site Criteria, Building Type, User, Building Function, Client etc.
ii) RESEARCH- Data Collection, Master Plan, Case Studies, Precedent Studies, Building Simulation etc.
iii) TECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL- Structure & Construction, Environment & Sustainability, Building Services etc.

iv) CULTURAL CONTEXT- Social/ psychological, contextual etc.

v) COMMUNICATION- Argument Page, Concept, Architectural Drawings, technical Drawings, Writings etc.

vi) MANAGEMENT PRACTICE & LAW- By-Laws & Standards, Universal design, Cost etc.

Siti Nurliyana Zainudin is presenting an idea at the Final Thesis Assessment (FTA)

Siti Nurliyana Zainudin is my supervised Thesis student in session 2022/23-sem1 with her project title LOOP@Bangsar Sports Complex. She also got early guidance from Dr. Sharifah Salwa binti Syed Mahdzar (Space Syntax) and Ar. Chan Wai Lai during her Pre-Thesis.

LOOP@Bangsar is a mixed use development that consist of sport spaces, community spaces, play area, retails, eateries, office and event spaces. The aim of the project is to design a Bangsar Sport Community Centre that help bridge community together through sports and act as a catalyst for societal and economic good towards a compact city.

The design adopted the strategies of connectivity approach as spatial planning to corresponds with the masterplan and act as a architectural solution in achieving the objective of creating a better approach to bridging the community through sports activities and encourage community engagement to promote social connectedness among the community (Siti Nurliyana, 2023).

Final Thesis Assessment