Project Member, Characterization of alginate-like exopolysaccharides isolated from aerobic granular sludge in industrial wastewater, RM95000, Vot 4F198.

Project Leader, A Preliminary Study On Immobilization Of Phanerochaete Chrysosporium In PVA-Alginate Beads (Pi 20081825) Specifically For Textile Dye Waste Treatment, RM38500, Vot 3F611.

Project Leader, Exploratory experiment on lactic acid production from solid pineapple waste using Rhizopus oryzae, RM76000, Vot 4L085. 

Project Leader, Potential Use of Mesocarp Fiber for Biosugar Production using Crude Enzyme from Lignocellulosic Degrading Fungi, RM50000, Vot 14H42.

Project Leader, Biodiesel Production from Palm Oil Mill Effluent using Immobilized Lipase in PVA-Alginate-Sulfate Matrix, RM51250, Vot 11H02. (UTM-Kulim Nursery Sdn. Bhd. Collaboration).

Project Member, Production of Biodiesel using Noval Simultaneous Extraction Transesterification from Microalgae Suitable for Jet Fuel, RM100000, Vot 02G33.

Project Leader, A Preliminary Study on Lactic acid production from Cassava Mill Effluent (CME) using Rhizopus oryzae immobilized in PVA-alginate-sulfate beads, RM40000, Vot 07H26.

Project Member, Application of Biotechnology and Related-Sciences in Health and Waste Management (UTM-Argentina Collaboration), RM100000, Vot 01G64.

Project Leader, Optimization of Bioethanol Production from Liquid Pineapple Waste by Immobilized Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Var. Ellipsoideus In PVA-Alginate-Sulfate Beads, RM41000, Vot 06J58.

Project Leader, Bioethanol Production by Immobilized S.Cerevisae Var. Ellipsoideus in Modified PVA-Alginate Matrix (Pi 20081825) From Liquid Pineapple Waste, RM40000, Vot 02J29.