Administrative Tasks (selected)

Department Coordinator: Mathematics Computer Labs (2014-present)
– Manage mathematics computer labs and its facilities
– Manage work organisation for lab officers and technicians.
– Plan and coordinate the procurement of lab equipments at the department.
– Plan renovation works and upgrading of computer lab facilities.

Dept of Mathematical Sciences Webmaster (2011-present)
– Manage department’s website and Facebook page.

Faculty of Science Webmaster (Nov 2013-2016)
– Managed faculty’s website including strategize measures to increase its Webometric ranking.

Transformation: Applied three strategies to restructure and increase webometric points for Faculty of Science website: (1) changed web platform from Joomla to WordPress so that faculty’s website can be co-managed by the university’s corporate division.(2) introduced a repository of thesis for online storage for thesis documents and increase the number of rich texts on the website (3) to ensure that all academic staff has individual websites so that each staff at the faculty has the opportunity to gain bonus points in their yearly assessment and to increase the number of pages on the website.

Chief Editor: Forum Matematik (2012- 2014)
– Managed Department of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science, UTM bulletin.
– Published a fortnightly newsletter on news, developments, publications related to the department.

Transformation: Introduced an updated layout to the newsletter. Initiated a department whatsapp group so that information can be easily transmitted to Forum Matematik.

Faculty Coordinator: Young Excellent Scientists for Faculty of Science (2013)
– Faculty of Science, UTM
– Managed programs for excellent undergraduate students leading to academic research.

Department Coordinator: Young Excellent Scientists for Maths Students (2011-2013)

– Department of Mathematical Sciences, UTM
– Coordinated programs for excellent undergraduate students leading to academic research.